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Forum: Our forum is the undisputed single most useful source of information on website buying and selling. It is a non-profit venture and boasts among its members every major website broker, every major marketplace, IP lawyers, accountants, due diligence experts, other experts and numerous professional buyers and sellers.

As market leader, we collect extremely detailed data on sites sold at every major marketplace / broker. Data is enhanced using various third party services. We then develop the industry's top stats / tools.  Nobody has their finger on the pulse like we do. Unlike stats issued by individual marketplaces, ours are not biased to enhance our bottom line.  Added: This project is now private and not available to the public any more.

SELL your business. If you're looking to sell a business, with or without the assistance of a business broker, learn how to value businesses or sell business here ...or find a business broker to help you take your business to market.