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  1. Myth: You need to work hard to make money online - Part II

    by , 8 October 2010 at 2:38 pm (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    Myth: You need to work hard to make money online - Part II

    In Part I I explained that what I wanted to do was make a decent living without working too hard.

    But what's wrong with the good ol' fashioned Protestant Work Ethic?


    It can get you to where you want to go.


    If there's a better route you'd be stupid to insist on working hard for the sake of working hard.

    And I needed to find that better ...
  2. 10 Questions to Ask a Website Broker Before Signing Up

    by , 5 October 2010 at 10:57 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    The top ten reasons people feel they should use a broker are:

    1. He has given you a high valuation
    2. He claims that broker sales get a higher multiple than owner led sales
    3. He has a buyer database that nobody else has access to
    4. He understands buyers/ the market and knows how to deliver
    5. He is best placed to guide you on info to provide the buyer
    6. He'll ensure the transaction and your money is safe
    7. He can give you other specialist advise ...
  3. Google Frontpage - 60% off. Google testing just four results to the page

    by , 16 September 2010 at 1:41 pm (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    Google Instant was one way of showing a higher percentage of ads to organic material.

    But it doesn't go far enough. Users can still get to organic results easily without further clicks. Is that why Google is now showing only four organic results to the page? It's not happening on every search term, but here's one:


    Has this been going on for a while or is it a brand new test?
  4. News: Flippa template seller type conman jailed for four years

    by , 7 September 2010 at 8:38 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    It seems the easiest type of business - there are thousands of "website flippers" telling us how easy it is to create a new site and sell it for a profit.

    Some use the same template over and over again (or with minor tweaks). Others have become smarter in disguising their templates/turnkeys as real businesses by installing auto-blogs, inserting free content they've taken from article directories, even putting fake ads on the site to give the impression they are established ...
  5. Are Links Dead? Is it time to move on?

    by , 13 August 2010 at 10:28 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    Greywolf talks in his blog post about a webmaster who followed the Google mantra of "Product great content and people will link to you".

    He produced great content. Visitors came in large numbers. They didn't link.

    And I'm noticing that increasingly on several sites. People just don't seem to be linking to great content like they used to. It may be because there's so much of content out there, because of webmaster fears of "PR leaking", because a destination's ...
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