Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing

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  1. Seller wanted $250K, I got him down to $15K. Power Negotiation Part I

    by , 12 July 2010 at 8:39 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    I know some of you are waiting for Part II of my You Don't Need To Work Hard To Make Money post.

    This ain't it. You're going to have to keep holding your breath. All three of you!

    In the meanwhile, I thought I'd share a tip on buying sites.

    Sellers invariably think very highly of their own sites and the profit these sites can make. They've got nothing to lose by over-estimating the amount of traffic / earnings ... so they do it.

    Use that to ...
  2. Myth: You need to work hard to make money online - Part I

    by , 5 July 2010 at 12:40 pm (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    Many years ago when I decided to ditch the day job and make a living from the web I didn't realise just how much time it takes to manage the average website.

    If it's a blog you need to make regular posts, clean comment spam, engage with users who are commenting, read other blogs in the niche and comment in there, update Word Press regularly, update plugins... and while all this is fun for someone who's running his blog as a hobby, I was intending to make a living from this interweb ...
  3. How Reading the News Can Save You or Make You Thousands of Dollars

    by , 14 June 2010 at 6:44 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    There are opportunities I've been able to profit from (or avoid losing money on) purely because I keep fairly up-to-date on webmaster news and buzz. I consider being news aware as critical to due diligence. It's also important tool for website sellers too, providing opportunities to sell at the right time or realise a higher price.

    For example, a site listed for sale that got most of its traffic from Google looked like a fantastic deal. Fortunately, I had read in a webmaster forum that ...
  4. Flippas, Floppas, MotherFrockers, what the heck's happening with Website Flipping?

    by , 1 June 2010 at 10:16 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    Ian and Amy, a couple who build templates for sale on Flippa and teach others to build/sell templates, started it off with a post asking if Flippa is losing it. The post seems to have struck a chord with their readers and ended up becoming the blog's most popular post ever attracting a lot of commenting action in the bargain.

    flipfilter from these forums and the site then asks on his blog if this is the end of the honeymoon for Flippa. Honeymoon? Damn, was there a wedding? ...
  5. Raising finance to start or buy an internet business

    by , 13 May 2010 at 1:33 pm (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    I've just created a new article on the financing of web businesses.

    The idea is to explore the myriad options now available for financing of online businesses. From crowdsourcing to microfinancing to P2P lending, innovations in platforms and delivery mechanisms make these exciting times indeed. It's just as "easy" to get funding for a new, innovative and exciting idea as it is to raise money to buy out an established internet business.

    Do you have a concept you'd ...
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