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    Yea, what irritates me is the fact that I can restrict my information but my friends can turn around and share it out. Stupid policy IMO! :mad: This is a classic example of those who make the rulings don't understand the technology so they make bad decisions.
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    Certainly there'll be more regulation and investigation. That won't always result in "better" protection. However, the word you used was "more"...
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    In an article titled Facebook's "Evil Interfaces", published on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's web site (, the term Zuckering was born. It has since taken hold as the term 'Privacy Zuckering'. This is the act of getting users to reveal more information about themselves than would be in their best interests, should they prefer to retain personal privacy.
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    Thanks, Andrew, I've replied to that post.

    My observation is not about the number of sites being listed or indeed the percentage of successful sales. My calculations above from your publicly disclosed figures relate to the amount of business (website buying/selling) done on the Flippa platform, in dollar terms. That's what I see as having dropped dramatically.
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    Nope. And here's why - [url][/url]
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    An excellent guide. People designing fora should also take note: making 'Thanks' a voting button like you do here eliminates a huge wad of distracting inline material and turns it into something more useful.

    I'd like to pass on a formula for writing memos asking people above you in the hierarchy for help (known as 'escalation'), which could help people to structure posts here. I must also plead guilty already to having forgotten to put it into practice. I'll try to do better in future.

    1. This is the problem
    2. This is the effect of the problem
    3. This is what I've done in an effort to resolve the problem
    4. This is what I'd like you to do to help resolve the problem
    5. Let's check whether that resolved the problem in xxx days/weeks

    This isn't a hierarchy in which our betters carry some responsibility for ensuring our success, so the last two points need to be toned down, but I like the earlier part, which points out that, before asking for help, you need to show that you've done all that you can think of to resolve your problem, and you really do need help.
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    Clinton I have found more useful information and people who are "the real deal" on this website and forum than in any jumped up marketing course that I have (foolishly and regrettably) paid handsome money for in the past. Would love to see you write part III in this series! Thank you for everything you do here. James.
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    This is a really good post - worth adding to the welcome page if its not already there :)
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    Too bad they donīt have something similar to Google Adsense. That would be great. :)
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    Will get to it guys, will get to it. The problem is that it's so simple nobody will believe that it was responsible for all the money I've made in the past few years.

    And no, flipfilter, there's no product I'm pitching, not even a sign up for my mailing list. You've been hanging around too much with internet marketers, my friend
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    Would love to see Part III!
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    That could be very handy. I wouldn't want a potential buyer of a little site to get access to all our info. And I don't think that screenshots are much use either - too easy to fake. This "guest user" idea seems like a good compromise. Thanks.
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    I think it would be funny if your third post was just a page that said "Sell this formula to ten other people" :)
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    Please also see this new thread.
  15. Clinton's Avatar
    There's always "fancy dancing" on all sides in big deals like this. Maybe part of the dancing involves structuring in an excuse for a law suit as a hedge against the bet going wrong!
  16. Andy's Avatar
    Hi Clinton,

    To answer your original question: no, I'm not following it.

    That said, I kinda wonder about all that to. When it comes down to brass tacks, I suspect he checked out everything very thoroughly, took a risk and lost. Now he's looking for someone to blame. I can't imagine anyone entering into a deal like this without a team of very smart people.

    I'd further suspect any judge giving credence to the "Gee willakers, I din't know folks would just steal my property." argument might have an eye on a new house in the country.

    Of course all my speculation relies solely on what you posted here. Maybe a deeper look into the particulars could reveal some fancy dancing on Citi Group's part.

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    It's amazing the stuff I find I have missed here... like this thread. It reads like a sales letter, but there's nothing to buy... and no marketer would wait months between the teases. Looking forward to this... anything I can do to help, besides boring you?
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    We want III !!! We want III !!!

    Great reading can't wait for the next instalment.
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    Hey, Andy - let me tell you how I get around that.
    I take a flash drive, and I download Firefox Portable and/or SeaMonkey Portable onto it. When I want to download tools that are Firefox plug-ins, or run from a toolbar, I copy the portable browser into a separate directory, and use it for the "tool" purpose.

    So for this job, I would copy the portable browser into a directory called Alexa, then install the toolbar onto it, and use it when I want to use those tools.

    The only hassle is that you need to use a different browser for routine work, or you will get the message "Firefox is already running" when you try to start the "tool" browser. That don't bother me much - I use Safari mostly, and there's also Opera if you hate IE (like me). Portable Firefox occupies about 27Mb, so you can get quite a lot of browsers on a 4Gb flash drive.
  20. crabfoot's Avatar
    Aw cmon - do it!
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