Plan B

I guess everyone knows the feeling when you're faced with something and you say, "Oh, no! What's Plan B?"

This blog is about my Plan B. It's about escaping from more conventional ways of earning a living, travelling around, and trying to earn a living online. I've had successes and failures. It's for other Plan B people, those who would like to become Plan B people, and even for those who would like a glimpse of this lifestyle.

Please comment and share your thoughts on my postings.

  1. Is it easy to be a Plan B person?

    Yeah, some people seem to think so. It's just a case of packing your bag and flying off into the sunset.

    Think again!

    You will have to deal with all kinds of red tape and the fact that there are no safety nets out there for you. If you end up penniless in, say, Cambodia no one will help you. You can't go crying to the government for benefits. And you must be crazy if you think you'll get help from your Embassy. That's not what they're there for.

    Mostly Embassies ...
  2. Introducing Plan B

    Those who already know me will know that I'm a bit of a foodie, but don't worry - Plan B is not some new fad about diet and weight loss. It's about throwing off the shackles and living your own life the way you want to live it. It's about saying goodbye to the day job and making your own way in the world.

    Some of this will be my own personal story. Some of it will be discussion and practical advice about being a Plan B person. Things will evolve, I'm sure, but to start with ...