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  1. Three Types of Flippa Listings to Stay Away From

    Reading the forum threads here has really opened my eyes to the nefarious ways of certain website sellers. But it's not a black-and-white world as there are lots of listings that are grey-area & kind of shady. While some website for sale listings are outright fraudulent, others are somewhat dishonest, and others are merely deceptive. I want to briefly touch on 3 such websites, all sold on Flippa in this post.

    [B]Deliberately Deceptive Flippa Listings
    [URL][/URL] ...

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  2. How Reading the News Can Save You or Make You Thousands of Dollars

    by , 14 June 2010 at 6:44 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    There are opportunities I've been able to profit from (or avoid losing money on) purely because I keep fairly up-to-date on webmaster news and buzz. I consider being news aware as critical to due diligence. It's also important tool for website sellers too, providing opportunities to sell at the right time or realise a higher price.

    For example, a site listed for sale that got most of its traffic from Google looked like a fantastic deal. Fortunately, I had read in a webmaster forum that ...