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  1. July 4th Weekend - Nothing to Report

    by , 1 July 2011 at 5:14 am (Getting started with acquiring profitable websites - join the journey)
    Time flies when you're having fun or even when you're having none!

    I'm giving up everything to be a famous poet

    I'll be rich and famous dontcha knowit?

    Okay, well, maybe I'm not quite ready to quit my day job for the Bohemian life...

    Anyway, last week I didn't realize this is our Independence Day weekend. Notice on here in the states we turn a one day holiday into a multi-day excuse to skip work? Only in America.

    So as not to be considered ...
  2. The end or the beginning?

    by , 24 June 2011 at 10:27 am (Getting started with acquiring profitable websites - join the journey)
    The results of my email announcing the closing of the member site are in. Only about 30% acknowledged the email. No howls of protest. (Do you detect a hint of disappointment in my words?) But certainly some reservations and well wishes.

    So I started canceling memberships. This did elicit a response. The rest of the membership wanted to know why they were canceled. They didn't ask for it.

    Apparently most did not see the first email. A lesson here as to why you should always ...
  3. Shocking news?

    by , 17 June 2011 at 10:15 am (Getting started with acquiring profitable websites - join the journey)
    My wife tells me I wear my emotions on my sleeve. My eldest son says, I'm easier to read than a comic strip. So it may come as no surprise to you when I say I'm seriously considering shutting down this site and just walking away.

    Membership has dwindled to a depressing level.

    Even minimal maintenance for this site is getting to be a dreaded chore.

    And the site does not pay enough to cover expenses, not to mention my time.

    Nothing is final yet. ...
  4. Nothing Ventured...

    by , 10 June 2011 at 1:23 pm (Getting started with acquiring profitable websites - join the journey)
    Nothing Gained is how this is supposed to go. I suppose if you are a pessimist you might say nothing lost either. Can't argue there.

    In any case this week it's just "nothing ventured". I mean I didn't do a lick of work on the site. I've been doing some serious thinking about things though. Well, at least I'd like to think the thinkin' was serious but I've come to no conclusions there either.

    There are some personal issues that I will divulge in due time. No, I ...
  5. Member Response...

    by , 3 June 2011 at 8:51 am (Getting started with acquiring profitable websites - join the journey)
    Last week I emailed my members to see what they preferred... products with or without all my hard work. The response?

    Nothing. Apparently they don't care one way or another. So why am I knocking myself out? I don't know either. So here's the new plan.

    I'll make some slight changes to the sales page. Okay major changes. It's going to be short and I don't care how persuasive because I'm not going to push it.

    On the inside, I'm just going to upload product and ...