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  1. Three Types of Flippa Listings to Stay Away From

    Reading the forum threads here has really opened my eyes to the nefarious ways of certain website sellers. But it's not a black-and-white world as there are lots of listings that are grey-area & kind of shady. While some website for sale listings are outright fraudulent, others are somewhat dishonest, and others are merely deceptive. I want to briefly touch on 3 such websites, all sold on Flippa in this post.

    [B]Deliberately Deceptive Flippa Listings
    [URL][/URL] ...

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  2. Site Flipping is Dead

    by , 8 June 2010 at 3:37 pm (Buying, Managing & Selling Websites For Profit - Learn the Real Tricks of the Trade)
    Only joking! The industry is very much alive and kicking. The goal posts have just shifted and some business models that have been working for the last few years are no longer as viable as before. Over the coming months Iíll be posting regularly about site flipping on the Experienced-People blog and hopefully providing some good insight into the industry and also some articles that will arouse further discussion from the best in the business.

    Iím relatively new to the internet business ...