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  1. Site Flipping is Dead

    by , 8 June 2010 at 3:37 pm (Buying, Managing & Selling Websites For Profit - Learn the Real Tricks of the Trade)
    Only joking! The industry is very much alive and kicking. The goal posts have just shifted and some business models that have been working for the last few years are no longer as viable as before. Over the coming months Ill be posting regularly about site flipping on the Experienced-People blog and hopefully providing some good insight into the industry and also some articles that will arouse further discussion from the best in the business.

    Im relatively new to the internet business ...
  2. Flippas, Floppas, MotherFrockers, what the heck's happening with Website Flipping?

    by , 1 June 2010 at 10:16 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    Ian and Amy, a couple who build templates for sale on Flippa and teach others to build/sell templates, started it off with a post asking if Flippa is losing it. The post seems to have struck a chord with their readers and ended up becoming the blog's most popular post ever attracting a lot of commenting action in the bargain.

    flipfilter from these forums and the site then asks on his blog if this is the end of the honeymoon for Flippa. Honeymoon? Damn, was there a wedding? ...
  3. Raising finance to start or buy an internet business

    by , 13 May 2010 at 1:33 pm (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    I've just created a new article on the financing of web businesses.

    The idea is to explore the myriad options now available for financing of online businesses. From crowdsourcing to microfinancing to P2P lending, innovations in platforms and delivery mechanisms make these exciting times indeed. It's just as "easy" to get funding for a new, innovative and exciting idea as it is to raise money to buy out an established internet business.

    Do you have a concept you'd ...
  4. Discover The Ultimate Secret To Achieve Success!

    Want to know the ultimate secret to achieving more sales? And no, its not advertising and wont even cost you penny. Its the number one sign to any business or entrepreneur being successful.

    So what is this glorious secret?

    Simple know what gets you excited about your business.

    If you said money then try to think again. Although were all in business to make money either for ourselves or for others, consider money as a result of your success rather than ...
  5. Welcome to

    by , 4 January 2010 at 9:37 am (Assorted Thoughts on Website Buying, Selling and Monetizing)
    Quote Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
    Hi everybody,

    And a hearty welcome. I've spoken with many of you at other forums. I've helped many at Sitepoint with the buying and selling of their websites, sometimes in public and more often than not in private. I've assisted people at Webmasterworld, Digital Point, Warriors Forum and elsewhere.

    I've written on topics as varied as site buying and selling, valuation, due diligence, dangers surrounding the use of escrow, how to choose a business broker, the Top 101 Ways of Earning Money Online
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