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    Hi everybody,

    And a hearty welcome. I've spoken with many of you at other forums. I've helped many at Sitepoint with the buying and selling of their websites, sometimes in public and more often than not in private. I've assisted people at Webmasterworld, Digital Point, Warriors Forum and elsewhere.

    I've written on topics as varied as site buying and selling, valuation, due diligence, dangers surrounding the use of escrow, how to choose a business broker, the Top 101 Ways of Earning Money Online and much else. But the bulk of my time is spent dealing with emails and private enquiries.

    The time has come to make it an open dialogue, to be able to take your questions on a forum, provide answers that assist a wider audience and encourage discussion and debate on the buying, selling and, indeed, running of internet businesses.

    Several experts on internet businesses have promised their support and you should be seeing them in the forum answering questions.

    It's a common login and password for the forums and blog: Sign up now.

    I look forward to chatting with you.
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