• What do we want here different to Sitepoint?

    I'm not going to do any Sitepoint bashing here though I'm sorely tempted to.

    But let's set out what we'd like to see different

    SP critical threads not being deleted is, probably, a given provided the thread doesn't get abusive or anything.

    My top preference would be for not having all that idioctic post spam - people building up a post count without contributing anything useful.
    What would you prefer to see?
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    1. Clinton's Avatar
      Clinton -
      I'm going to be deleting post spam. But I'm also going to be very strict on fluff posts from new users. Established and regular users may sometimes drop a one line reply but I'd keep a close eye on any new posters trying that stuff. I'll drop them a friendly note first telling them what "taking part in the discussion" involves. And I reserve the right to ruthlessly delete their posts if I get the slightest suspicion they have an ulterior motive.