• Hi everyone and welcome to the new forum

    I did give a few of you a preview to the new forum and the request to not post. But it looks like you were raring to go and the conversation just kind of kicked off straight away yesterday!

    That's a Good Thing. But it meant that my Hello World post got a bit behind.

    Why this forum?

    For a mature, quality debate on the matters related to the buying, selling and running of websites with the emphasis on the buying and selling. The reason it came about was because of the deteriorating quality of the conversation elsewhere and the high degree of noise in places like Digital Point.

    Many of the main posters in the Buy/Sell section of Sitepoint who, with me, have been keeping the conversation going and answering most of the questions have agreed to join up and contribute here. I don't see this as some sort of revolt against Sitepoint but rather the setting up of a more focused location where we can keep the noise low.

    Those regulars who've been talking about buying and selling websites at the SP buy/sell forum know that even in that established forum the buy/sell section has gone very quiet over the last year or so. And it may appear that even if the few members from there started talking here it may not be enough to get rid of the echo.

    And I agree.

    That's why I'm looking to expand the membership to some new areas, get in people who can make quality contributions, but who aren't already part of "the club" - the regular buyers and sellers club. However, I intend to do that in a cautious way. It would be easy to hire forum posters and make this forum look busy. But that's low-quality talk. And that's not what I'm after.

    What the membership of these forums is going to look like

    I'm after the type of people who can add value to the discussion on the buying and selling of online businesses. People who have expertise in the broader picture.

    For example, I've got two chartered accountants on board who are both very keen on online businesses and own a fair few domains, but whose expertise lies in analysing company accounts rather than running websites. I'm sure we can learn as much from them as they can learn from us. I've had a couple of business and website brokers express interest. I believe one of them has already started posting.

    And, as some of you know, I have numerous other contacts. People like Richard Parker, author of books on finding and buying businesses, owner of Diomo Corporation and the guy responsible for the Bizquest blog at one of the largest business listing sites in the world will be joining us soon.

    Barry Dunlop, serial entrepreneur and regular business buyer/broker has already signed up.

    We'll have venture capital experts, people from the large business listing sites such as daltonsbusiness etc., and business advisors in addition to SEO experts and more.

    I'm also willing to throw in $10-$20K in focused advertising. I want YOU to tell me the best places to target to get the right kind of members. So ... your suggestions please.
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