• Competition - $200 to be won here every month

    Yes, that's right folk.

    Since people started posting about 24 hours ago we've got 13 sign-ups and a lot of posts. But I want to get the word about and attract some more quality posters. So I'm launching a competition.

    The last thing we want is a competition that attracts drivel and nonsense so it's not going to be awarded for the most posts. Considering what we want to achieve here, I'm going to award it to the poster who has made the best overall contribution to the conversation. It's about the generation of conversation and the quality of posts.

    I'm excluded from the competition as will be anyone who's made a moderator. I've asked a neutral third party to be the judge. The judge's decision will be final.

    First prize at the middle of Feb and then in monthly intervals till further notice.

    As a bonus the winning poster will get the option of writing something for the Frontpage complete with a link to a site of his choosing.

    $200 is not a lot of money for some of you, but think of the glory!
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      Count me in!