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    Hello. I'm Dave, 34, married with 2 kids (Nate 5, Erin 2). I have been a full time IM/SEM for the past 2 years, and been making money online for the last 5.

    In the last year I have purchased and built 90 new sites. I have purchased from Flippa, DP, and other forums privately. I have built wordpress and html sites. Primarily my business model is selling direct advertising, combined with affiliate commissions.

    I love the hunt. I love finding the needle in the haystack. I still look for more sites, even though I am overwhelmed as a one man show with 100+ and have another 200+ domains that I should figure out what to do with.

    I am at a crossroads right now and have not decided which path I want to take. I have never had to sell anything to anyone. I sell advertising to clients who contact my sites. I have sold 2 sites, both of which were unsolicited. I like this but am getting a little bored.

    I am not sure how I found this forum but I am glad I did. I have much to learn if I want to flip or broker or sell, and from what I have read so far there is a great collection of people and experiences here to learn from. I see some familiar faces from a private forum I have been apart of for 2 years now. I've been lurking the last week or so and have to say the level of information provided by Clinton and others here is pretty amazing. great job with this site Clinton, the signal to noise factor here is pretty amazing considering the open forum.


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