• Google Instant - the implication for webmasters

    Have you all seen the new Google? It predicts the results you are looking for as you type the query.

    So say for example you were getting good traffic for a medium tail keyword like "best samsung tv review", the searcher would see results for "best samsung tv" before they got to type review and might actually find what they are looking for, effectively bypassing your page which may have been what they were actually looking for in the first place.

    Somebody on Twitter put it quite well when they said that Google Instant is like that friend that always tries to finish your sentence. They might be trying to help, but more often than not they're just annoying.

    Thoughts on this? How do you think this will impact peoples businesses? For me it's a prime example of why I'm trying to build traffic from as many diverse sources as possible. I don't like that Google can do this at the drop of a hat and affect my business.

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