• The concepts behind flipping websites

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    digitalpoint seems a bit painful and cumbersome to dig through, eh?
    Tiresome it is - but the idea of flipping is to find the sites that are easy to improve, given that you have little else to do with your time. If you want an easy life, you buy the obvious sites that everybody finds attractive, and wait longer to get your return on investment. Flipping is hard work, but the idea is that it takes personal time and attention, not money, to turn a quick profit.

    The point of flipping is not to "buy cheap and sell dear", it is buying cheap and selling for a quick profit after minimal improvement. The term is borrowed from the "real estate" biz, where people buy cheap at auction and sell properties quickly after a decorating job and minor improvements.

    With houses, you need to be sure that you can flip the place quickly because of the capital tied up in each job. The point is that you are either short of capital or working on a relatively short term loan, so you need to work quick or you sink.

    Whether houses or sites, the concept is that you can start low budget and buy something better every time you make a flip.

    What needs to be learned are the arts of site improvement. You need to know what can be done quickly to be a successful flipper, but every time you sell a site you also sell an opportunity.
    Someone buys that site, and does so with the intention of making an improved profit from it. While the method being used may be the web equivalent of underpinning the foundations, you could learn how to do that if you were not so busy flipping.

    What you do depends where you are coming from. You learn to flip if you want to turn over quick profits. If you don't need cash in a hurry,you learn the same improvement skills but you hang on to the sites - then you can make the easy improvements that take several months to show results. If you're flipping sites, you have to leave those improvements for the purchaser to make.

    The most salient point, whatever you do, is that it is easier to start by buying a site with existing traffic than by building a site from scratch.

    When you have an existing network of sites, you can start sites from nothing because you can give them good links. You can also kickstart sites for flipping with such a network. That's what people who make money are doing.

    In today's market, flipping sites makes less and less sense, although the techniques needed to flip sites are getting more and more useful.

    Jerry wants to start by spending $1000 on a site. The general advice you get on here is to spend half your budget on the site, and half on SEO, but when you're on a low budget that is not practical. Jerry should spend $800, then he has to learn some SEO methodology and spend the other $200 telling people how to do that for him on Mechanical Turk or Fiverr. Interesting experience - perhaps worth offering a fiver on Fiverr to find out the best way forwards ...
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