• Search Engine Optimization vs SERPS Manipulation

    I think we first need to address what SEO really is:
    Search Engine Optimization! Not SERP manipulation, Not ensuring better rankings and Not directly an attempt to increase traffic. Done correctly it may result in the above but it is strictly speaking about ensuring perfect accessibility to your information. Further more ensuring that information is being understood correctly and that your site is using all the available tools to increase the exposure any given search platform offers it.
    The problem is that sectors of the industry perpetrate two insidious crimes, disinformation and disingenuous marketing. The examples are too many to fully list but we can touch on both to illustrate how SEO has been maligned by all but a few sources.

    Dishonest marketing has left people with a warped sense of what good SEO should provide.

    You need the first page of google for the most highly searched terms. We can supply it!
    Firstly no one can reliably do that secondly for most highly searched terms, there is usually some body or hundreds of bodys who deserve the spot more than you. If I was to start a blog on SEO do I really deserve to rank above SEOMOZ, its unlikely as most of us have learnt from Rand Fish over the years no?

    Misinformation has left people believing things they should not, or looking at the subject from the wrong perspective.

    Some weekend SEO warrior claims google has penalized his site as it was first page now its page 20. It is because he has been article marketing and as such google is penalizing articles.
    The truth is far more likely that he has been using press release sites to the exclusion of all other link building techniques and those links are clearly not bringing him traffic or he would not be so bitter about the loss of rank. As such Google has decide they are not great links and decided a 100+ sites are doing a better job of being engaging and offering sensible content than his site. Google may be completely wrong, the truth is a punished site is de-indexed. A low ranking site is failing to send out the proper signals or convey its content correctly and as such is deemed of low quality, it is punishing but not punishment. Simply said site has fallen foul of the new ordering system for websites within the search term that it has lost rank.

    I could run through a hundred such assumptions people tend to make about SEO and what it is not, instead perhaps we need to reexamine what it really is.

    If we ignore peoples desire to game the system then what are we left with?

    Well did you know? you can get a free google first place for your business or organization in your local area or appearing to relevant people just from a google+ page? Thats a direct application of SEO working hand in hand with the serps, understanding how the engines present information and locating the ways to best display it.

    Do you know you can help your site break out from the top few results or by displaying really eye catching who is associated with this site profiles on the side of googles results?

    Are you aware that the use of Schema can help you define the text snippet google chooses to display and increase click through?

    The proper use of heading tags is not to make css design easier and give fonts pretty colors. It actually informs google in no uncertain terms what you are about and can help clear up confusion between whether:
    You are discussing the dangers of buying second hand engines or it is not dangerous to buy a second hand engine from you.

    Are you aware that google will do its best to work out the best geo targeting for your site based on a myriad of factors? So in many instances if you have not set your own geo targeting you may be missing your target audience.

    Your page will get scoured and scrubbed and syndicated across a hundred platforms. The way you mark up your front page and that silly metadata everyone says is irrelevant will dictate how it appears and such what anchor text signals it sends out. Are you marked up right?

    But people know all this right?

    This list goes on and eventually derails into some form of voodoo where by one can actually test the effectiveness of certain press release or blog sites by linking to them using a webpage of your site. If one feels the effect is not as desired, one can simply trash the page to change its name. If it still some how seems to be having negative effects, one can demote it down the navigation tree until it is deemed irrelevant. All of this without endangering your key domain or index page.

    Of course for most people here the answer to the questions posed was a resounding yes, however to the majority of the internet? I really doubt it and these ideas along with others implemented along side quality content will do exactly what the hype merchants promise, own the serps for you!
    So the reality is instead of crying SEO is dead "we", we being anyone who has a foot in the industry or a platform to publish from should begin the process of reeducation. Of course that is some what unlikely as a lot of people are sitting on this sort of information and profiting from it. Its a fact I want my competition linking out like mad, I want them using last years strategy. However ultimately for the market to flourish and for the skill to be taken seriously by the industry as a whole again we need to share more. More over the best litmus test for a quality site is the amount of effort a person is willing to put into it, so better SEO also promotes better sites as it really would not be worth half the above for your $5 a month click bank site.
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