• Selling with meta tags - Google SERPS is your first landing page!

    Sometimes the best things in life are free, risk free, cost free and skill free even if we are talking about Google. In this instance google give us two free opportunities to really pitch our page or product via meta-tags most notably the page title and description tags.

    Amazingly most of us completely forget to utilize this and as a result we have a site thestunningvegan.com

    <title>The stunning vegan home page.</title>

    <meta name="description" content="Vegan recipes, foods for vegans, growing organically, stuff about curry paste or maybe I was writing about carrots. I actually forget as I am just stuffing words in case google likes this stuff" />
    This will give us a google listing that looks a little bit like something below.

    Attachment 444

    But if we instead went
    <title> Ultimate resource for Vegan recipes that anyone can make!</title>
    <meta name="description" content="Need a quick and easy vegan recipe? Amazing recipes for great tasting vegan cuisine and healthy vegetarian snacks. Vegan food made easy!" />

    Attachment 445

    Its so simple and so often neglected, people agonize over conversion rates, they sweat each new visitor and tweak the landing page. Completely forgetting the first landing page for searchers is what they see on google.

    To be safe...
    A title should not exceed 60 characters but I prefer 55 to allow for some less advanced mobile devices.
    A description is now not based on character count but on a width of approximately 450 pixels? This means we need to factor in matching search terms appearing in bold and if we really wish to avoid a truncated call to action, I am betting on 130 - 140 characters being safe. I think there are probably specific widths and character counts out there but the above will work.

    A few more tips:
    Unless your brand or product is so awesome that people will be googling it, get the name out of the description and title. People can see what the .com is called and they will soon know what your logo looks like. People are searching for an answer, your site needs to explain why it is that answer not remind them who you are.
    Know your market and tell them you have what they want, google is going to spider your content and grade it. So stating you have the most recipes in the world is not necessarily what people want to hear. Instead try telling them they are the easiest, cheapest, highest quality, can be got now, easy access, no fees! Drag them into the the click.

    This is just one really easy way to increase click through rate and it works.
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