• Why a lot of newcomers cannot make a dime online.

    As is always the case on this kind of forum, we get to see a lot of people starting out online. Now aside from the world of online business being boggling at best, the problem most people seem to face is a disconnect between the ideology of business and the perceived ease of making money online.
    In the real world one would not open a fastfood joint in a place that gets no foot traffic. On the internet there is a perception, anyone can sell sunglasses and make a living.
    In the real world one would not open a plumbers without a budget for a truck,tools, premises and perhaps staff. On the internet the most common phrase is free, cheap or I have no money.
    In the real world one actively seeks out business and cliental on a daily basis. On the internet people believe a little SEO will have the world beating down their door.

    There was a fantastic post about starting with a plan written here, go read it.

    Assuming a plan is even in place a lot of new comers setup with great intentions and a plan that still is not feasible. Affiliate marketing is a great example, lets assume you get a hot product to the top of google and its converting like crazy. Well I'll promise you this I can take your SERP away, if I cannot some one smarter than me can. Rankings are transient, they are fickled and they do not last. Unless of course you are able to consistently generate content of the quality of EP and become authoritative. That however displays a level of planning, expertise and skill that is beyond the average newcomer or the average affiliate money making site.

    The average newcomer however well intentioned tends to look at clickbank, dropsellers or other established product groups and markets. In reality though in what world can a less experienced and under funded player beat anyone to the punch in a cut throat market. Your setting yourself up to compete with people who have thrown aside techniques you have not even read a blog post about yet. So going back to the plumber analogy, your the new plumber in town who cannot even change a washer.
    While your scrounging up $12 to have an article written by someone on Iwrite, they have a professional copy writer working for $150 an hour creating pitch that converts.
    While you are trying to make a free wordpress theme look passable, they have hired a professional to build them a website that works.
    As your asking how do I do some free SEO, they have created a link profile thats bringing them 2k uniques a day before even considering how to convert them.

    Basically when a newcomer looks at electronics resale, gambling, weight loss and other high profile niches I hold my head in despair. Your zero budget, free template and a weeks research are setting off to tackle a niche I would not choose to play in? Why do that to yourself, why waste so much sweat and tears and enthusiasm on a market thats over saturated and unrealistic?
    This sounds like the most negative post ever, but its a reality check that most newcomers need. I know I did when I started out.

    The reality is, you will need a plan as solid as a business proposal. You will need to look around your immediate surroundings and find a niche you can properly fill. Sadly its going to have to be a business and you will I fear need a solid skill set, unique knowledge base or something truly knew to offer to the market.
    So the moral of the story really is stop looking for the quick riches, stop looking at already successful ventures and start looking for opportunities. Then amass some capital and tackle it like a real business, anything else is a form of slow suicide.
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