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    Building from "What website are the best for selling in internet" I thought we might examine a few ideas coming out of that disaster. I wish there were sensible ideas that could be offered to beginners as a way to start up in web biz.

    Selling on eBay is becoming seriously hard work for the small man, but there are very few realistic alternative places to sell. Ebid doesn't have the presence of eBay, although they allow things that eBay doesn't, so if you happened upon a job lot of sex toys going cheap it might be the best place to shift them. Delcampe is useful if you are selling "collectibles", but it is not the place for, eg., power tools or software.

    Then again, the "original web dream business" was one that made money passively with minimum maintenance.

    Five years ago, good advice would be to build a MFA info site and expand it regularly to avoid the sandbox. When you had learned to drive traffic to it, you could expand it out into an affiliate sales site and make a lot more money from your clicks. After learning some traffic driving methods, most of which appear to have been rendered obsolete, you could also put up thin affiliate sites that would make money. Getting a site approved by eBay was also a key way into thin aff sites selling eBay products.

    Between the B&W creatures and eBay changes, most thin aff sites do not make money any more, and from what I hear it is no longer worth the effort of getting eBay approval for a site.

    Since the E-P community is mostly agreed that reliance on Google is a bad thing, we are not paying much attention to anything they do. Perhaps that is not entirely wise.

    In a recent sales thread, we have this comment:
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    I started trading in 2007 as a sole trader, mainly on eBay. But due to high fees and stiff competition I found I could sell more at a better profit margin on the site.
    That's from using Google shops, ie. this chap found he got a better deal from Google than he did from eBay.

    The B&W creatures have killed a lot of the methods that a beginner could use to make a little money on start-up, and it takes a lot of belief to go into web biz as a beginner these days. I wish I could see a slightly faster way for a beginner to rise from a tiny start without needing to resort to black hat methods.
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