• Bing Ads Fraud

    First of all, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. What makes it worse is when companies which should be 'above" it, or ones you have to trust, do it or it happens to them. You automatically, even with a legitimate complaint, look like the scammer.

    Just yesterday had a similar experience with microsoft bing/yahoo PPC. (Or whoever they are these days) Although nowhere near as severe as you. For years my ad spend for both was like $5/mon. So truthfully, I didn't pay much attention to it. (My bad) Recently, it shot up to over $100/mon. and I started getting interested. I started looking at my stats and there were some ridiculous numbers on it. My ad spend per keyword was ridiculous...over 1000% more than I spend on Google. Since I only do ad spends based on ROI (3:1 is lowest) I know it wasn't ME who set those ads up. Those keywords give me a three to one return, or I don't use them. Period. They were, however, all in my niche, and going to my site.

    It seems they merged a whole lot more than names and search engines.

    I tried to access my account, and the password has been changed! Long story short, yesterday I called them. As soon as I said "I think this account has been compromised." They sprang into action, quick! Their internal numbers didn't match up to either Google analytics or my web site stats and told them so. Their reply was to the effect of "There are many methods of analyzing stats and we can't/don't rely on any except our own and have to trust our internal numbers." I said fine and dandy, and there were also many ways of analyzing my bank account ad spends as well. And since theirs numbers don't match up to any of mine, I have to trust my own internal numbers and not theirs, and told them to terminate the account. They didn't know quite what to say to that. But they got real apologetic and erased the last 4 days ad spend (It had already gone over $100) They talked me into putting the account on "Inactive" status while I checked it.

    So needless to say, I think this isn't the first time they have heard this complaint. Once they understood I was talking about my account being hacked, and I wasn't going to back down, the whole tone of the conversation changed. My gut feeling says someone is hitting them hard, they know it, and they can't stop it.

    You know, I hate to say it, but this whole internet business BS is getting to be too much. It seems like weekly now, I feel like chucking it. Not because it isn't working, or I'm not making money at it, but because now you have to work three times as hard, with three times the aggravation, to make three times less money and get scammed three times more often. Keeping up with, and protecting yourself from, all the various scams is getting overwhelming. Since now it seems all the really sophisticated ones are using the major players as their proxies, you can no longer tell who is scamming who. Everyone points their fingers at everyone else, and the only one with a drained bank account is you. There is little or no accountability, transparency has gone out the window, they all use their own "internal numbers" which they don't show you. But I have already moved my internet businesses into a secondary position, and set up bank account with limited funds in them for this reason...the WHOLE THING is becoming one, huge, scam. Digital theft is going through the roof. If it wasn't for my website making 3 times what I make on Amazon, I'd pull it down and let Amazon worry about the problems. The internet business model, which was supposed to "level the playing field" between small and mega businesses, is rapidly becoming more unuseable for small businesses.

    Rant and whine over.
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