• Conversion strategies - what are you doing?

    The trick to converting anything well online or off line is knowing your target audience well and understanding what triggers certain behaviors. Now this does not need to be pseudo-physiological-warfare, despite what the gurus will tell you.

    One the best conversion tactics I ever saw was for a site selling unique items, it also showed you how many people were looking at a certain page. As you logged onto the page the price started counting down slowly, with a big add to cart button beside it. Its unique, six people are on the page and its just become a little cheaper, I SHOULD ACT.

    Knowing your client base also means knowing that a funnel is less likely to work well on us tech savy folk, I know you have just corralled me into a sign up and frankly screw you. I sign up for things after I read a great article and want more or wish to keep in touch with a site or its owner. Conversely if I am selling knitting patterns and want to give five away from a free, sign up now get free patterns, join our list you will love it. Sign up or get out now, may work for that market.

    Provide real value, one of my lists that simply says, we will send you a 20% coupon and keep you up to date with our products spend it anytime, works a charm.

    My best conversion tactic on my old e-com store was just to be accessible and forge relationships with my clients, I ran specials but I never offered 20% discounts. I just kept in touch and made the sales process personal and easy.

    The biggest problem with conversion on the web is most people do not split test, we have all seen the pop overs that say sign up now. These stop me reading the article and as such I close them quickly, now they obviously work for some but how many people behave just as I do? The website owners may never know...

    The other important factor in conversion that most people seem oblivious to is priming.....
    ~You have just entered a page the subject is on mailing lists~
    Hi guys this article is about getting subscribers and its been prompted by a great question I was asked. "Oh this guy actually checks his email"
    Kay asks:
    Its been a revelation to get your mightymassmailer of spamtasticness and I have learnt a lot from your newsletter "Product mention, newsletter mentioned,Kay is a person like me"
    Conversions are way up but I am finding a drop of after initial sign up "Oh this product works,but there is a problem"
    Insert article that has good information and solves the problem "Gee this is a really great resource behold all questions and problems answered"
    End the article with a polite offer to join this amazing mailing list and get a discount on product.

    In many instances this sort of preparation will convert better than slamming people with pop overs. Then again its all about strategy I am usually looking for organic signups and sales which may prove to be of value. As apposed to amassing three million email addresses with a 80% no open rate.

    Massive topic though, I will try and add some more structured thoughts as we progress.
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