• KD Suite Review

    It's been awhile since I posted and I've got a nag screen telling me I better post something. The truth is, while I've been lurking but I haven't had that much to add, or say, about anything.

    I just purchased this product and I've been going through it today. So far, I'm going to say it is first rate. I'm going to give it 2 thumbs up.

    http://kdsuite.com/ (not an affiliate link)

    The easiest way to describe it is what Market Samurai did for online marketing, this software suite is doing for Kindle and Amazon.

    OK, backstory: We all know Google ain't giving out much love anymore. So this has meant, for me anyway, a search for new markets, and new methods of marketing. I like writing ebooks, I like the passive (yeah, right) nature of it. But lately it hasn't been paying the bills like it used to. I made a foray into Kindle and Amazon once, but the system was far from ideal, so I got out of it. Making $0.99 to $2.99 isn't exactly something which excited me a whole lot. Not after making much more selling products from my own website anyway. Still there was a lot that I DID like about it. Also there wasn't a way to truly figure out good niches. (After using Market Samurai, you know what I mean) But the good things about Amazon and Kindle are...

    • No customer service issue. Amazon deals with the idiots and freeloaders.
    • Never a problem about getting paid.
    • No shipping hassles, PayPal hassles, etc.
    • No SEO
    • People go there to BUY, not like Google where people go for free info.
    • It is TRULY, passive.

    The worst thing about being on Amazon however was that I never got a buyers list, or email address. Amazon doesn't give them away since they own the traffic and they are just as valuable, or even more so, the the original sale.


    If I ever found a decent system, I thought it would be a good market to expand into. I've noticed now, when I type in my main keyword into Google, where I used to be number 1-3, now Amazon occupies that space, with my book. If you can't beat them, join them.

    Anyway about this product. Right now, it is $47 for a software suite of programs which look at various aspects of marketing on Amazon, including sales numbers and sales figures per month about what books are selling. This immediately lets me know if a niche is even remotely worthwhile.

    There are 2 upsells, and I admit, I bought them both. But now I have a complete and total suite of software, including researching, building, marketing, graphic design, templates, and all things Kindle and Amazon. There are also a number of excellent bonus materials that go with this. In fact, it took close to an hour to download everything. Dozens of videos.

    So far, going through the material, it looks like it is everything the sales page promised. I spent $150 (But I didn't have to) but I think I got more than my moneys worth. The guy is actually doing it himself, shows his products, his niches, and sales. They could be faked of course, but I don't get that feeling. He's walking the talk.

    Of course, proof is in the performance, and that I can't comment on...yet But for me anyway, it is time to break into this market. (Amazon and Kindle) and try to master it. One thing I really like about this system, which I didn't like about Amazon before, is with this system I get a list of BUYERS into an email list. Having a buyers list makes all the difference in the world. Their method is a good one and I'm going to change all the paperback books I have on Amazon now to reflect it.

    I hope this helps you,
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