• Ideas for brand building

    The choices are whether to use a keyword domain, a brand domain, or a brand-keyword domain.

    There are people making money on Amazon by exploiting the fact that a lot of Amazon sellers do not understand the use of keywords - so carefully selected keywords in a product description on Amazon means their products rise to the top in Amazon search. When your products reach the top of Amazon search, you can use that to exploit a brand - selling a limited range of products on Amazon results in searches for the brand, looking for a wider range of products, which are (of course) to be found on the brand website.

    That said, the ways of getting traffic are evolving and diversifying. In the past, people focused on SEO because the same methodology worked for the majority of search engines, and was cost-effective.

    We now have to consider Google traffic, and non-Google traffic. Of course, non-Google traffic breaks down to a range of distinct sources, and each one demands a unique method of exploitation.

    If you want to use Google, it is evident that your site should be regularly updated and expanded with factual content, if Google is to like it. To some extent you can cheat, if you're big enough - Amazon lifts pages from Wikipedia wholesale to appease Google, under the creative commons licensing doodah, and sometimes those pages outrank the originals in Google search.
    For a sales site which doesn't change much, placing "how to" videos on Youtube is probably the best bit of Google that can be exploited. Using G+ circles to increase popularity is also possible with a bit of ingenuity.

    The largest non-Google sources of traffic are Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook, but there are plenty of others, ranging from Squiddo to individual blog sites. Some will only be useful for a small range of things, eg. pushing pop concert tickets on Twitter is a good idea, selling fire extinguishers on Twitter would be hard work.

    The point I'm making is that the nature of the site and sources of traffic have to be considered before deciding which way to go.

    For Bing/Yahoo, the keyword domain would be best. For using shifty methods with Amazon, and using Facebook, G+ etc. the brand domain is probably best, and would probably do better on Google search (because keyword links would be deliberately devalued).

    It's a lot of hard work, but I think the best option is to use all three domains, but build the site on the brand domain. The other two domains using keywords could be built as "skeleton sites". You'd use an identical site structure for all three, but the pages on the keyword sites are all 301 redirects to corresponding pages on the brand site. You can set up the redirects from cPanel - don't ask me how, I've forgotten. I just remember that it is fairly easy.
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