• Setting up an online store on an existing site (on wordpress)


    I have recently set up a website for a client using wordpress, a free theme. I would like to set up a simple store, selling a relatively small amount of products, 50 max, and we are happy to have only paypal as a payment option. It is merchandise and music releases so the client will be getting the products ready himself and sending them himself also.

    I have begun research online but it is a minefield, I think I have found something and then I see the charges! We are fine to pay a reasonable online fee for the service but preferably not commission as it will be a relatively small amount of stuff and at small enough prices.

    Can anyone recommend a simple, good option for this? I wouldn't mind if one had to leave the site to visit the store but preferably not. Are wordpress plug-ins a good idea? Then I see stuff about SSL certificates and it all seems complicated. I have some web knowledge, enough to create the wordpress site but I am not very confident in this area.

    Would greatly apreciate any help, I have looked alot online but am getting nowhere!

    Many Thanks
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