• Step-by-Step Plan to Build a $5000 per Month Passive Income Website Portfolio

    Dave, for what is worth, my comments were directed solely to the content of the book you described in the original post. I never suggested that you - or anyone else - cannot build a successful website. I agree with your premise that online buying will continue to grow and I am certain that some websites will share in that growth.

    The book, however, was about ranking high in organic search and I believe it will be harder and harder to have a small niche site rank well in the SERPs. I question his premise that you can find high paying AdWords where the top spots can be snagged in the SERPs with a minisite and a few weeks of self-linking through article directories and web 2.0 properties.

    I have one other comment about the book that I meant to make in my earlier post. He states that you can have the income stream FOR LIFE. Nothing lasts forever. I have a legal information site on a very specific topic that has very good content, all written by me personally. It has a quality backlink profile that is absolutely white hat and largely natural and unsolicited from users, teachers, libraries and other quality sites. It doesn't push any products or contain much advertising. At its peak, it was generating a very nice four-figure monthly revenue stream, mostly from AdSense. For some reason beginning in the January 2012, perhaps related the so-called Page Layout Algorithm Update, it started dropping in visits. I had been invited to a "Google in Your City" seminar for AdSense publishers at the Google offices in Chicago a few month earlier and at their suggestion, I had added more AdSense ads and for a short time after the changes both the number of visits and the ad revenues rose nicely. Even after the Google ad team's suggested changes, the pages were certainly not top heavy.

    The site still ranks relatively well today, but in many cases where it was #1 or #2 in G, it is now #5 or #6. The result is that the visits fell by about 80% and the revenues fell even further, to the point that I decided against the distraction of having ads on the site (since making money on the site was not my original intent, only a very happy side benefit).

    The information on the site is basically unchanging, so other than putting up new articles every so often and fixing links to certain external government sites that also rarely changed, it was about as passive as a site could be. I was looking forward to a long stream of income with very little work. Well G fooled me. Bing sends more visitors today than they ever did before, but those visits are a fraction of what Google used to send.

    My long-winded point is that any book that promises income "for the rest of your life" (which appears three times in the book) is highly suspect.

    Again, this is about THE BOOK, and doesn't mean that people should avoid the internet or avoid marketing. Both are valid avenues to making a living.
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