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For several years this forum has sent out a newsletter. It started out as a (usually) weekly service to our members, listing some of the best threads of the previous week. For technical reasons it was "opt-out", ie it went to all members whose EP accounts were in good standing.

In April 2013 the remit of the newsletter expanded. It still highlighted some of the best threads since the previous newsletter, and remained free of charge to any EP member who wished to receive it. But it also now included news snippets of relevance to running an online business.

At the same time, we made the switch to an opt-in system, so that it would only be sent to those members who sign up for it.

We've now made a further change in the newsletter's operation. From April 2014, we'll be sending the newsletter via Mailchimp. This has several advantages over the forum software's mailing facility, not least that any member will be able to opt in and out as they choose - you won't have to rely on an Admin editing your profile to add you to the list or remove you from it.

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(If your email client maintains a whitelist, please add kay AT experienced-people.net to it, to ensure the newsletters get through. Thanks.)

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