As some of you know I have a background in project management, at lot of this involves working in dispersed teams and needing to remotely share or have dispersed team access to files. I've commonly used software like Sharepoint etc. (never warmed to Sharepoint). I've recently just used a piece of software called Teamviewer (looks like its been around a while but I personally hadn't previously come across it).

Anyway I found it really useful for the project we were working on (don't ask for details, it was a small commission, boring, and I'm still under a confidentiality agreement).

The Software is free for non-commercial use, obviously I didn't abuse was voluntary work..err hem cough cough . What I was wondering is if any of you guys have been involved in joint business adventures? and if so have you found software of this type useful or not? Secondly, I read a lot of Clinton's posts on due diligence, people using paperwork and screenshots etc. that can be misleading or even a scam! How much help could this package be in:

a) Building a relationship of openness and trust?
b) Assisting in due diligence?