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Thread: Celebrity frontmen for MMO

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    Celebrity frontmen for MMO

    C'mon, we all know that a lot of the MMO promotions use professional actors as frontmen. But this one takes the biscuit. I had an email from Ryan Deiss to say that William Shatner is the keynote spokesman for the latest summit he's involved with.

    Have I been living on another planet? How come I didn't know that Bill Shatner was the latest inspirational MMO guru? No doubt his performance will be a great Enterprise. It's bound to be out of this world.

    I can understand the guy has a fanbase, but he's the main speaker at a summit about website traffic? WHY? Do you think it adds or detracts from an event to have such a celeb front it? I could understand if it was someone famous for their business activities, but to have Cap'n Kirk as your main speaker just seems a bit odd.

    Beam me up, Scotty. Life doesn't get any stranger than this. (Oops. I forgot that I'm Scotty.)
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    Do you think it adds or detracts from an event to have such a celeb front it?
    It depends on the celeb and your business, and how you use that celeb. A young PR guy who used to work for me used Jordan (AKA Katie Price) as part of a PR stunt regarding young people and sexual health (went quite well). I doubt Deloitte would hire her.

    I think (and this is only generally speaking) "making a noise" is more important online than in most other businesses. There's more than one member on here uses celebs (at least indirectly) for traffic, what Kim Kard what's her name (what's she do even??) gets traffic.............sadly a role model for a lot of young girls (If I don't post for a while It is because I just fallen into a deep depression thinking about the sentence I have just written).

    As for Captain Kirk????? Hmm, getting a Klingon to help with PR on an Ebook might get attention.

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    I think the real question is why Shatner would be involved with this type of lowlife? Shatner has made mad money from his involvement with a popular travel website which doesn't need mentioning, and can't be too far off from the long, cold sleep so why bother with crap like this?

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