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Thread: Help me value this site on flippa.

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    Help me value this site on flippa.


    I am interested in buying this site and need your opinion.


    Site has almost no revenue and reserve is 15k

    Traffic is almost 20k for last 30 days.

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    The first thing I saw when I clicked through was:
    Site With Huge Potential

    Well, that had me running for the hills.

    There's no income or profit. They claim about 9k UVs per month - that's not a lot. And anyway, where did this traffic come from? Was it paid for? It's a crap domain. Yeah, sometimes people buy a site that's not monetised if they like the domain, but you'd be lucky to get reg fee for that one.

    In any case the auction you posted a link to ended a month ago, so why are you asking about this now? If the site has such a huge potential, then why doesn't the current owner just outsource some of the grunt work and make it worth buying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpio27 View Post
    Traffic is almost 20k for last 30 days.
    The shorter the time period, the easier it is to fake the traffic / revenue / profitability. On one month time frames it's ridiculously easy to put a lot of unrecorded time and work into driving traffic.
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    Even though the auction has ended, I think valuation rules are still good to discuss.

    With a site like this, I take a simple buy-vs-build approach. In this site's case, I would look at the biggest asset, the articles/posts, and see how much it would cost to have them created, at a similar level of quality, by freelancing out the work. You of course won't get an exact number but you'll find out if these are PLR articles or original, are the photos copyrighted, original, and if (c) do you need to purchase rights to be legit?

    So many people get caught up in "I invested $xx,xxx in this site over the last 20 years in hosting, maintenance, etc." and lose sight of the fact it could be rebuilt for $1,000. If the site's getting very little traffic, then building from scratch may be the way to go. Along those lines, read up on the concept of "sunk costs" so that you can (politely, after all it's somebody's baby) explain how the money's been spent, day ain't gettin' it back!

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