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Thread: What do you keep in mind before buying a domain ?

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    What do you keep in mind before buying a domain ?

    When you buy a domain for building a site to flip, what are the top3 things you keep in mind ? Is it PR, Is it backlinks , age ? Something else ?
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    If it is to flip then you probably can't go past a .com or a country tld. Using a .info to flip will decrease your price somewhat, unless you have other outstanding features, like income, unique visitors, powerful backlinks.

    Age isn't what it's cracked up to be unless the site has had constant content on it for that period of time. Backlinks are only useful if they come from very reputable sites. PR is basically worthless as it can be faked so easily before sale.

    Normally the shorter the better and not a million -'s

    You really need to go over a whole list of stuff to get the best value of resale, old domain, never been parked, never been dropped, had similar content for long period of time, great back links, never been spammy backlinked, never been used for a shopping cart (my own preference) never been hacked, never had adverts on it, .com or hilevel cTLD, no hyphens, never had Google Analytics or Google Webmaster codes (my own preference). Just to list a few finding a domain like that these days tho will take some doing.
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    Ask yourself the following...

    Does the name pass the radio test?
    Is it memorable?
    Would you buy it yourself if you were in that niche? (be brutally honest)
    Are there competitors with that name under different tld's?
    Is the name trademarked?
    Would you be happy to keep it and use it yourself if you could not find a buyer?

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    If I was building a site to flip, I would avoid spending a lot of money on the domain. If I intended to keep the site and develop it, I might spend a little more on buying a domain I liked.

    I like an old domain (> 4 years) with backlinks, and I've got a few I'm working on at the moment. There's a caveat about backlinks I've referred to in the past, but on the whole an old domain works better than a new one, it indexes easier and ranks better than using a newly registered name.

    Nidec's list hits all the major things to look for in domain name selection. If you intend to sell, I wouldn't look further than com, net, or co.uk extensions. If you're in a country specific market, fr, de, it, and es can be useful. Those are the extensions buyers like.

    There is nothing against using a keyword domain - Gargyl does not penalise them. You still get the keyword advantage with Yahoo/Bing.
    What Gargyl thinks it has done is remove the keyword advantage associated with having the keywords in links. Since Gargyl is messing about with peoples' livelihoods in such an arbitrary manner, it is probably best to ignore them, anyway. They seem to ignore everyone small unless someone has a gripe about another site, and they have a portal open for complaints. They may complain about your site, but they don't tell you what is wrong with it.

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    Things I consider:

    The domain's extension - I won't buy anything but a .Com anymore for investment projects

    The domain's age - this isn't as important as it used to be but still holds weight

    The domain's backlinks - not the quantity but the quality. Some domains might have some golden back links like a business.com listing, a news story backlink, wikipedia.org entry etc. Not to mention the legendary dmoz links.

    The niche market - if you are unsure what type of content/site was on the domain you can look it up at archive.org (also a good place to get previous website content if you grab a dropped domain and put it back up)

    The domain's length and characters - is it a short domain? or 20 characters long? Are there dashes? That drops value.

    The domain's standing with search engines - has it been slapped for spammy links or deindexed for malicious content? You should find out first.
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