Update, Oct `6,2014.

This thread is no longer valid as the marketplace is closed.


(NB: These Terms & Conditions are provisional pending upload to their final fixed location. Clinton has seen a near-final draft of them and was happy with them, so although we can't absolutely rule out changes, we don't expect there to be any. We'll let you know when the definitive version's available.)

Experienced-People.net Forum


This is an Agreement between you and experienced-people.net (the Site). Your use of the Marketplace is governed by the Terms and Conditions below, which supplement the Forum's General Terms and Conditions. By using the Marketplace you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions in addition to any other applicable Terms and Conditions governing your use of the Site.

  • “The Site”: the website hosted at http://www.experienced-people.net/
  • “The Administrators”: British Expat Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales (Reg. No. 4165796)
  • “The Owners”: Domain Registration Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales (Reg. No. 7036704)
  • “The Forum”: the forum hosted at http://www.experienced-people.net/forums/ and its sub-forums
  • “Premium Members”: Forum members who are current subscribers to Premium services and privileges
  • “The Marketplace”: the Forum's sub-forums dedicated to the sale and purchase of Premium Members' websites, goods and services
  • “Use the Marketplace”: read any thread in the Marketplace and take action of any sort in response to the information contained therein
  • “Marketplace Rules”: the rules as set forth in an announcement on each Marketplace sub-forum and which may be amended from time to time

Use of the Marketplace

1.1 You acknowledge that the Forum's General Terms and Conditions apply to use of the Marketplace.
1.2 Premium Members acknowledge that Premium Membership Terms and Conditions apply to their use of the Marketplace.

Subscription and cancellation

2.1 You may use the Marketplace only in the capacity of a Seller or a Buyer and the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement will apply to you in either or both of those capacities.
2.2 You warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and you can form legally binding agreements under applicable law.
2.3 You agree to use your Forum account in the Marketplace solely for the purpose of using the service on the basis provided.
2.4 You acknowledge that the function and purpose of the Marketplace is limited to that of a platform to put Sellers and Buyers in touch with each other and that all transactions, legal agreements and purchases happen independently between Buyer and Seller without involvement of the Site, the Owners or the Administrators.
2.5 You acknowledge that the Site, the Owners and the Administrators have not provided any legal, financial or other professional advice in relation to any prospective sale/purchase and make no representation or warranty, explicit or implied, in relation to the product being sold or the Buyer or the Seller.
2.6 You acknowledge that the Site, the Owners and the Administrators are not auctioneers, do not conduct auctions, do not facilitate due diligence or other professional advice, do not facilitate payments between parties and bear no responsibility for any agreements reached between Sellers and Buyers whether done outside of this site or on it.
2.7 You agree that the Site is an independent service provider and not the employee, agent, partner, joint venturer or subcontractor of any Seller or Buyer.
2.8 You agree that you do not have the power to bind the Site, the Owners or the Administrators in relation to any obligation owing to a third party. You agree that by your use of the Marketplace (whether as Seller or Buyer) the Site, the Owners and the Administrators do not become a party to any transaction or agreement between you and any other party.
2.9 You acknowledge that the Site, the Owners and the Administrators are not escrows and do not hold moneys or property on behalf of either Sellers or Buyers.
2.10 You agree that the Administrators have the sole right, in their discretion, to suspend or remove a listing at any time without notice to any party.
2.11 In cases where the Owners or the Administrators are acting as Sellers or Buyers in their own behalf, their responsibilities and obligations shall be as for other Sellers or Buyers.


3.1 Your participation as a Buyer will at all times be governed by the Marketplace Rules.
3.2 You undertake to place bids only on the Forum in the thread or via private message.
3.3 You warrant that at all times you will be respectful of Sellers.
3.4 You accept that, except when acting as Sellers in their own behalf, the Site, the Owners and the Administrators bear no responsibility whatsoever for the claims and details provided by Sellers in their listings.
3.5 You accept that the presence of a published listing in the Marketplace in no way constitutes approval or recommendation by the Site, the Owners or the Administrators of the websites, goods or services offered for sale therein.


4.1 Your participation as a Seller will at all times be governed by the Marketplace Rules.
4.2 You may as a Seller advertise your websites, goods or services for sale in the Marketplace only in accordance with the Rules specific to the Marketplace sub-forum where you wish to place your advertisement.
4.3 You may sell only those websites, goods or services which you own and which you are entitled to sell.
4.4 You may not sell any product which is of a sexually explicit nature or in the gambling industry, which is offensive or illegal or which is deemed by the Administrators in their sole and absolute discretion to be otherwise unsuitable.

Last amended: 13 April 2013