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Thread: Subscribe to Premium Membership! [CLOSED]

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    Subscribe to Premium Membership! [CLOSED]


    The notice below has been retained for reference only

    * * *

    Premium Membership

    Premium Members have a range of privileges which are not available to free members. Please see the table below for more details. First, here's a brief explanation of the main benefits.

    Premium Marketplace

    Many of you offer websites and other virtual and physical goods and services which are of interest to Experienced People's audience. The new Marketplace offers you an opportunity to advertise them.

    Only Premium Members can start threads in the Marketplace. Other members may reply to post enquiries about the products advertised. The Marketplace is viewable by the general public and is spidered.

    Links on Experienced People are dofollow so, as well as a highly targeted advert, you may also gain SEO benefits from listing in the Marketplace.

    Premium Lounge

    Premium Members also have access to the Premium Lounge. This gives you a place where you can exchange information and discuss matters without the whole world seeing. Only Premium Members have access to this Lounge, and it's not spidered.

    You can also do things on the Premium Lounge which aren't allowed on the public forums, such as request a website review together with a link to your site. We think this will be especially helpful for those who are new to online business. Similarly, the more experienced members might want to use it to find beta testers for new products.

    If you're particularly interested in making money online through writing, then our thriving Writers' and Publishers' Group will be of particular interest to you. Private discussion means that our authors and publishers can be a bit more open about their current and future projects. You can talk about the craft of writing, invite review and constructive criticism of your published work, swap hints on launch strategies and promotions, and much more!

    Other benefits

    Premium Members receive a free copy of our Guide to Website Due Diligence - a handy distillation of all this forum's advice on how to avoid buying a dud website, plus a lot of additional research. If you're new to buying websites, read our Guide first - you'll be glad you did!

    Premium Members enjoy substantially enhanced Private Messaging facilities compared with free users - up to 1,000 stored messages, and the ability to send up to 100 PMs a day and to send the same message to up to five Experienced People members simultaneously. (Free users: 50 stored messages, 5 PMs a day, no copy function.)

    Premium Members also have the entitlement to a 3-line sig of up to 500 characters, with two external links - as against the free users' one line of up to 100 characters with one link.


    Terms & Conditions

    Premium Membership is subject to these terms and conditions in addition to the general forum terms and conditions.

    Use of the Marketplace is governed by these terms and conditions.


    Just $99 for one year's subscription. That's less than $10 a month. (For our UK members, it works out as about a fiver a month!)
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