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Thread: Changes to EP Marketplace - Starter Bazaar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay View Post
    Did I miss something?
    Yes, that there is a demand for confidentiality and that some users are willing to pay a lot of money to ensure that confidentiality.
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    But we're talking about the Starter Bazaar here. Who would pay a lot of money to ensure confidentiality at that end of the market? The sellers want as many eyeballs as possible to see their sales offering so they can move on to selling their next starter site for sale.

    If/when we get around to discussing established websites for sale, I'd agree. The whole process might have to be handled differently.

    I stand by my point - if a seller wants confidentiality, then listing on a public forum isn't the best way to go about keeping anything secret.

    EDIT: I should have started a new thread about established websites, although I only mentioned them in passing on this thread. I'm not particularly keen to get into the guts of that until we've let the dust settle on the starter sites and how it's supposed to work.
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