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Thread: Book Marketing: Part Two ( Online Marketing)

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    Book Marketing: Part Two ( Online Marketing)

    Oy! This one (Online marketing) is a challenge.

    Even using the 80/20 rule, you're faced with so many different aspects, it's enough to make you want to take your meds. This subject also spreads out in has so many different directions, and has so many tentacles, which reach into different online marketing pies, it's very hard to generalize. But let's give it a whirl...

    The most important thing to keep in mind is marketing is a marathon. It is a long term strategy, and has to be viewed this way. With that in mind, however, you need to speed up the process.

    Let's go back to where we left off.

    We know our demographic. It is...
    • Male 55%
    • Female 49%
    • Mostly between 35 and 44 years old, AND between 55 and 64
    • Mostly no kids (so probably professionals)
    • They make between 100K and 150K a year. (Again, this says professionals)
    • Most are grad school educated (Professionals)
    • Mostly white

    We know our favored web design style:

    Straight up. No frills, no BS.
    • This is what it is,
    • This is what you'll get, and
    • You want to buy it for this reason.
    • We know the basic pages necessary for this of kind site

    We know the basic keywords for this niche. (We looked at them and wrote them down when we checked the page source code) In most cases you'll find the keywords are the name of the author, or the name of the book.

    This is an important distinction, why?

    Because normally a person who is searching for "techno thrillers" isn't your "ideal" customers. The same as in basic SEO, you don't really want someone searching for "Widgets." You want a long tailed keyword, someone searching for "Buy blue widgets with pink polka dots and whirly-gigs" So don't waste time and money screwing around on generic keywords which won't land you any sales.
    • One searcher ("Widgets") is still in the info gathering stage and not ready to buy.
    • The other searcher knows exactly what he wants, and is looking to buy.

    You don't want someone to look for "techno thrillers" because you'll be competing with Michael Critchton. Which means, he'll win, you'll lose. The searcher, or customer you want is searching for
    • "Your name" or
    • "Your book title"

    That way, you have an interested buyer, as well as you'll come up first in the search engines. No competition. Forget competing with the Big Boys, you can't. (yet) So concentrate on those two keywords for now. Your goal is to build an email list and a fan base. Nothing else. (80/20 rule, remember?)

    This means your website's domain name should either be "yourname.com" (pen name) or "Yourbooktitle.com" Ideally, your pen name.

    This means you need to give serious thought to your pen name, before publishing. Your pen name needs to
    • Reflect your genre
    • Be available in .com or .net.

    Bang up a basic site website,
    (nothing fancy, you can bang it out in less than a day) with a minimum of
    • Basic pages for now.
    • Do basic On Page SEO,
    • Include a graphic of your book, with the ALT text reflecting your keywords.
    • Be sure to put a "Contact Us" and an "About Us" page.
    • Get an auto responder with an email list and put the sign up "Above the fold" on every page with "Get a Free First Chapter of XXX"
    • Engage the comments section so people can interact with you.
    • Create a blog.

    Now go to Amazon. Using Createspace, https://www.createspace.com/ format a paperback and get it accepted.
    • Chose the "advanced distribution" ($25) and allow distribution everywhere.
    • Go to https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin and set up a Kindle account. (I think you can also do it from Createspace as well)
    • Check "KDP Select" (Just do it)
    • In Createspace, set up an author's "store" (I think you can leave a link back to your website, if so, do it.
    • Set up an Author's page. (Same, try to get a link back to your website.)
    • In your book description, TRY to set a link. (They may have changed this...check the TOS)
    • If you can't set a link in your description, put a link and a blurb on your copyright page. "You can find out more about the author and get a free chapter sample at www.authorname.com"
    • Include the same on the back cover of the book
    • Be sure to engage the "Look inside" function.

    Also set up a
    • Facebook fan page account (author's name),
    • Twitter account,
    • Pinterest,
    • Google +
    • Possibly a Linkedin depending on your niche and
    • Any other social media flavor of the month.
    • With links all leading back to your website.

    Link them all together using software, or a WordPress plugin so that when you publish to one, you publish to all including your blog.

    DO NOT publish your book until all your marketing ducks are in a row. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to be in place.

    Once published:
    • Try to post something via social media every day for 90 days. Three times a week minimum.
    • Invite your friends and family to your fan page and get them to "like" you.
    • If someone contacts you, answer them personally and immediately. No later than 24 hours.
    • Engage people on your social media (mainly Facebook and blog) fan pages.

    Here's a cool Amazon gray hat trick: (Completely legal as of this moment but always check the TOS) Link your books from your social media and website to Amazon. Link your "Buy Now" URL to www.amazon.com/ASIN Number/ (Not directly to your amazon page) This will pull up your amazon search page, displaying only your book. But it appears to the Amazon algro that people are specifically searching for your books. The more people that search for your books, the higher your books go up in the Amazon search engine. HERE is where you can make some money with a generic "techno thriller" keyword. This works because Amazon is a "Buyers" search engine. They are already there to buy a techno thriller. You just want to get your face in front of them.

    There are a 1000 other things you can do. Forum posting, with signature and link, is probably one of the best and deserves a place in the 80/20 arsenal. But you need to that carefully as well and "earn" your signature line.

    Rinse and repeat at other online booksellers. Set up accounts atGet involved on their forums as well.

    Format your books as well in .pdf (eBooks) iPads, .mobi .ePub and any other format and sell those directly off your website. Many people prefer one, or the other. Make sure it is clear on your website that you offer them.

    This should be your absolute bare minimum or backbone of your online marketing strategy. And truthfully, I only scratched the surface. There are literally chapters inside each bullet point.

    But if you do this much, you're in a good position to move on to offline marketing...

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