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Thread: Microlancer by Envato

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    Microlancer by Envato

    Envato the guys who do themeforest and codecanyon are beta'ring Microlancer a sort of ffiver clone with not as cheap prices, the good thing about it is some of the guys offering to do stuff are big sellers on the rest of the network so you can be partly assured they will try and keep their good reputation going.

    It was a bit confusing to begin with as I thought you offered work like the other lancer sites and people bid on them, but its the reverse you look through the services provided and choose the one that suits you and is in your budget. I am after a new graphic guy so I checked through found a guy that had some great feedback on the network and was a decent seller so I set to work offering him the job. I will get the results back today or tomorrow and let you know how I go.

    You pay up front to Microlancer and I gather it sits in escrow until the job is completed, you pay the price on the service offered and I gather Microlancer take their cut out of that. They do state that if the deal falls through they fully reimburse you.

    If you are looking for Cheap work I wouldn't suggest Microlancer try ffiver or some of the lancer sites.
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    I'm not a fan of Microlancer at all. I like themforest and some of the other sites but Microlancer seems like a terrible idea imho. There are tons of better sites like SEOClerks (already supports higher prices as you mentioned), Fiverr, Gigbucks, etc, etc. Why do we need another one?

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