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Thread: FAQ - Our Frequently Asked Questions About This Forum And How To Use It

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    FAQ - Our Frequently Asked Questions About This Forum And How To Use It

    [Note: Many of the pages explaining how this forum works (like this one) were originally written before changes to the forum management and structure in April 2013. The information below has not yet been updated to reflect those changes. EP is a large site and there are plenty of pages that need updating, so please bear with us - we'll be amending this page as soon as we can!]


    How do I register to post?
    Go here

    I'm not familiar with this type of forum / I am new to this whole business - what I need to do?
    The standard vBulletin FAQ may help for those new to forums. This where-do-I-start thread may help if you're new to the business.

    What are the Forum Rules?
    Please see this thread

    How do I search this forum?
    Unfortunately, the vBulletin software this forum runs on doesn't have a fantastic search facility, but you can try it out here. Al alternative may be to use the Google site: feature. For example, if you want to find threads on here that mention Google Analytics for Wordpress, you can search for "Google Analytics" + "Wordpress". Google's results won't include any threads from our private VIP Lounge section or the Foo section.

    How do I post an "article" on the Homepage, or make a blog post?
    You can't post directly to the homepage. If you've put together an informative article, post it in an existing / new thread and we can "promote" it to the Frontpage if it's good enough (contact us to request it). If your post is promoted you are entitled to a bio and dofollow link from The Front Page (see details). Established users who've built a certain level of posting history can make blog posts by going here and clicking "Create New Post". If you're a new user you can post in existing forum threads or create a new forum thread, but can't make a blog post.

    I've lost my user name ... I've lost my password, how do I recover these?
    To recover a lost username or lost password, please use this form that asks for the email address you used. If you can't remember the email address, email webmaster at this domain with your user name and I'll try and help. If you can't remember user name or email address then I can't help you. Perhaps you can find your user name by searching through a thread you posted in or going through your old emails to find one received from this domain.

    I'd like to start posting, do you have any examples of good opening posts?
    See here (and note the FAQ below on "fluff posts").

    Why can't I edit my profile or create a signature?
    New members don't have those privileges till they've had their account for a while and made a few posts that are fully compliant with the forum rules above. This is to dissuade drive-by spammers and those interested in being here only for the benefit of a signature link. You will be automatically upgraded to more privileges as you accumulate quality posts.

    I'm having trouble getting to my PMs / changing my time zone / other site usage issues
    These tips may be useful. If your usage question isn't covered, contact us.

    Can I post a link in a thread?
    That's covered in the Forum Rules.

    What's the big deal about fluff and why is my post marked as fluff?
    Please see this thread. One word, one line or other short replies match what spammers do to build post count and gain privileges. You may not be a spammer, but if you make fluff posts you could get a warning or even an infraction or ban.

    But it seems others are allowed to post fluff, why did I get an infraction for it?
    We apply a stricter criteria if you're new here as per the link above. Members with hundreds of recent high quality posts have already acquired full privileges so we know they aren't doing it for the post count.

    How do I know what a particular abbreviation means?
    There's an abbreviation thread. Post new terms in there and someone will reply to expand on it.

    Can I post my site for sale here?
    That depends. If you're a new user you'll need to contact an admin for permission first. For both new and established users, please read this thread before posting in our Buy, Sell, Trade and Exchange section.

    Can I advertise here?
    Sorry we do not allow free or paid advertising. Some members here derive considerable benefits for the businesses they run, but it's done slightly differently to how it's done on other forums. See this thread for more details.

    My account has been made dormant and I can't create threads/can't do other stuff.
    Please see this thread about reactivating an account you haven't used for a long time.

    How much is my site worth? Where to sell my site? How to do due diligence? etc
    The section in which to start a valuation request thread is here but please read this post on what you need to include in your thread. Some other links in this post. Please also try the search box at the top of this page.

    What are the member titles like New Member and Registered Member about?
    Your title changes depending on how many posts you've got and how long you've been on this forums. Details on the post count requirements are in this post.

    I'm not able to thank people for posts or leave reputation for them
    The thanks button at the bottom of each post can be clicked to thank a member for a useful post. New users won't see the Thank You option till they've built some post count. More here. Details on "reputation" and "reputation power" at this post.

    What is the VIP Lounge?
    The VIP Lounge is an area where established members discuss tips and ideas they don't want to share in public. You need to have a certain post count and account age to access our private forums called the VIP Lounge. You can read about it here.

    What are Groups?
    Established members get together in groups on here to have private conversations, share tips, collaborate on projects etc. You can go here to see current groups. If you're not logged in, you'll get a message saying you don't have access. If you're logged in you'll see a list of groups. Below each one will be a notice saying whether it's private. If it's private you can't enter till you are invited. You can enter and read non-private groups. More about groups in this thread. You can't start a group till you've established yourself by making a few decent (non-fluff) posts.

    Who can I trust on here?
    Existing signals of trust include the number of green bars below a poster's name and the number of "Thank Yous" s/he has received. Those are essentially votes s/he has received from other members and, when read in relation to age of the poster's account and the number of posts made, give one indication of trust. Reputation on these boards is a lot more difficult to accumulate than it is on other forums. Two green bars here are worth more than 10 bars in other forums! However, we urge you to click on the poster's name, browse to their previous posts and read some of their posts before making your own mind up.

    My attachment has disappeared. Why?
    In vBulletin, the software used to run this forum, there's a known problem with files attached to posts disappearing after an hour if they are added via the WYSIWYG interface. KenW3 has posted a solution here on how you can add an attachment in such a way to ensure it stays.

    How do I get an answer to a question not covered above?
    If it's to do with use of this site, please contact an admin or moderator or email (webmaster =at= this domain)
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