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Thread: Eric Borgos on why he wants to sell his domains

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    Eric Borgos on why he wants to sell his domains

    Here's an interesting article.


    Reason 1 kinda scares me.

    1. Internet users in general are switching away from websites (which use domains) and instead using mobile apps, Facebook apps, and Twitter hashtags, which means 5-10 years from now domains might have a lot less value...
    Even so, I believe there will always be a market for domains. The type of person who builds their business on FB might not be the type who would buy a domain anyway. I don't know much about mobile apps. Would they be a good way to build a business or would they be better used as an outpost to promote your home base?

    What's your take on the article?
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    I am not a domainer, by any means, but I do own a few domains that simply seemed like good ideas at the time. Recently, I have let some of those domains lapse for many of the same reasons that Eric Borgos says that he is eager to sell his domains. His reason #1 is not only a reason to sell a domain but also a reason that I would not put a lot of effort in building a traditional mini website on a domain. Unless you want to create a tablet and smart phone friendly website. and perhaps even an app, I think the mini site will have a very short life. I've been on the Internet since the early 1990s and thought I understood "internet speed." After seeing things like the Palm Treo (which I used for many years) and other PDA/phone combos fail to make a real impact, I have been astonished at the speed at which smart phones and tablets have become nearly universal. When I walk through the train looking for a seat in the morning, it seems nearly everyone is on either a smart phone or tablet. The number of people reading the newspaper or a magazine or even working on a laptop has been swamped by the number of people on devices that were rarely seen 4 or 5 years ago.

    I would also add two more reasons to Borgos' list. The reasons are different but somewhat related. First, the changes Google has made to reduce (eliminate?) the advantage of exact match domains has certainly reduced the incentive to pay a large amount of money for a domain based on any previously perceived SEO value. Second, if someone has deep pockets, they are probably better off selecting a domain name that has the potential to be branded. Much branding is done on fanciful terms like Cisco, Intel, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, Twitter. BMW, IBM, etc... What are the odds you just happen to have the odd combination of characters that someone is looking for? Even if the branding is a common word like Apple or Jaguar, what are the chances that is in your domain portfolio?

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    I am a "retired" domainer and I partially agree with him. I still have a few premium domains, but I sold most a few years ago as I thought they weren't a good investment. Reg fees and other nuisances aside - the declining parking revenue and traffic; browsers adopting search in url space so people get used to type keywords and not domains, google algo changes that significantly reduced the benefits of having premium domains, very high prices - all those and other factors make premium domains less attractive. But they can still be a good investment I guess.

    Always enjoyed reading his blog btw, I recall he had an article there, long time ago, about his sale of bored.com which was quite interesting.

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