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Thread: all of my content are Exclusive , but spam websites are Above me in search results, why?

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    all of my content are Exclusive , but spam websites are Above me in search results, why?

    hi friends , first ecxuse me for my bad english , i'll try to improve it

    i have a website about sell product online , in all post (that i shoud write some information about product) I use exclusive contents

    my website cms is worpress and using HTML5 Template for website , To the extent that I could , I observance SEO rules , but when we search a keyword in google the website that all of those contents are copy are above my website and my website is in lower results , in your opinion whats the problem? and what shoud I do to be first at the specified keyword that I want ?

    thank u so much

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    I'm not an SEO expert by any means, but I'll try to help you. Perhaps someone with more SEO experience will add their advice too.

    You mentioned in your intro post that your websites are eCommerce sites, in the Farsi language, and targeted at the Iranian market. I was thinking along the lines that you'd be competing in an Iranian version of Google. But Google doesn't appear to have an Iranian version. They do, however, have a version of Google.com translated into Farsi. Now I'm all confused. Does this mean that you're competing in the SERPs with English language sites? It looks as though you are. In which case, how are you choosing your keywords? In English, in Farsi, or in Farsi with English translations? Are your competitors' sites in English or in Farsi?

    If you want us to help, I think we need more information about what you're doing and what you're competing against. You probably need to do some competitor analysis.

    You should have a closer look at your competitors if you haven't already done so. Some questions to answer might include:

    What keywords are they using?
    What's their keyword density? I mean, have a look to see how much sense their content makes or if it's just stuffed full of keywords.
    How many other sites are linking to them?
    Are they paying people to post links on blogs and forums?
    Are they buying backlinks?
    Do they have an AdWords campaign?
    Have you looked at the source code for their sites? How are they doing things?
    How often do they update their site with new content? Is it automated?
    How many duplicates/clones are there of these sites?

    This will give you a starting point for finding out what your competitors are up to.

    Perhaps also look at the history of these sites. Are they the type that's churned out for sale on auction marketplaces? A lot of these sites are sold with claims of high Google rankings, loads of backlinks and great traffic. Much of it is generated to boost the figures temporarily while they sell the site. It's usually not sustainable (and the poor buyer soon discovers he's bought a dud when all these fantastic things disappear soon after his purchase). Anyway, it's possible that this is what your competitors are doing.

    You don't need to tell us the answers in detail, although you can tell us in general terms if you want. The point is that YOU need to know the answers.

    One thing to be clear about is that search engine results aren't "fair". Despite their attempts to improve their algorithm to weed out rubbish, they still have a lot of low quality sites which rank well in the results. Even if your site is "perfect", it's still no guarantee that G will rank it well. Also, even if you can get your site to #1, there's no guarantee it'll stay there. The algo changes frequently.

    How much does your site depend on G for traffic? Do you want to spend a lot of your time trying to get organic traffic from G? Have you put any effort into getting traffic by other means? Funnily enough, some people have found if they concentrate on other sources of traffic rather than getting traffic from G, then G rewards them for it in the rankings.

    Here are some ideas for getting traffic:

    If you decide you do want to approach the problem from an SEO angle, then you'll need to make a plan of how you're going to do it - on page, off page, building good quality links, etc. Whatever you decide, it's not a bad idea to have a good look at your competitors first.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on with it.
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    This thread is quite old, and I see Melona hasn't answered Kay's questions but I have something to share for anyone in a similar situation.

    Kay's post is as expert and useful as it gets.

    I'd add that content is not everything, no matter how much everyone stresses it. I've seen websites that are 90% copies of one another rank in G for different areas. G has the ability to spot good content depending on synonyms, related words (e.g. if you are a car dealer - you won't go for the keyword "car buying" you must diversify with mercedes, bmw, toyota, etc.).

    There may be other factors that are hampering your website's performance. The Iranian search may be pretty primitive, which means it could easily be affected by backlinks. So, I think you must dig there more. To Kay's points above I'd add:

    Size of the website (number of indexed pages).
    Age of the domain.
    Do they have a blog which is updated frequently?
    How deep are they into social media?
    Is it a popular brand? Check for their brand name search in the Keyword Planner.

    Basically, what's the difference between what you do and what is done there. Convert the best of their ideas through your scope and implement them on your website.

    Please Melona update us on the case, is there any movement in these 8 months?

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