I can normally smell a phish 100 yards away, but this one made me look twice. It's fairly convincing.

An email came in earlier today purporting to be from Clickbank (CB). It looked quite legit. They'd got my name right, and my Clickbank user name correct. It was hard to tell from the links where they led to (and I was wary of clicking) but they just looked like links such as you get from mass mailings from MailChimp, etc. The email said that I have an uncashed cheque for $98.16 dating back to 2008. I can't remember when I last did any business with CB but this was all convincing enough to check my CB account. I used to sell an eBook about moving to New Zealand a long time ago. My CB account showed no transactions since 2005. Gee, is it nearly 10 years since I gave up on CB? Wow. Well, I knew this sudden windfall was a bit suspicious. Too good to be true, eh?

But supposing I did have CB transactions in 2008? And a busy CB account. It might have been easier to fool me.

I expect this one is doing the rounds and I wonder how many people will fall for it. I thought it was worth a mention on here.

I'm not sure what the point of it is, though. Maybe they're going to collect details from you on pretence of paying out this money. Does anyone know what exactly they're up to?