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Thread: Volume and market share in the buy/sell market?

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    Jock's a sharp guy and I liked his article/insights (and podcast). You should read Justin G's latest when you get a chance, Clinton, I thought it was worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
    You've finally given up on Flippa data then, or are you still using it?
    Not at all, it just wasn't relevant to this particular guide. The majority of our clients and hence the people I'm targetting with the report tend to buy from brokers or agents so that's where the data came from.

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    I would really question anyone's data purporting to present total website sales volumes. I have represented buyers and sellers in millions of dollars of transactions (and have bought and sold sites myself totally in six figures) and I can almost guarantee that not one of the sites is on anyone's list. They are far too small and too private to make the Wall Street Journal or Forbes. A few had an investment banker or financial consultant but none had "website brokers" and most were simply initiated either by the buyer contacting the seller directly or, less often, by the seller contacting the buyer.

    There are a few companies (including Dow Jones) that attempt to track private company transactions in the United States and those probably do capture a good percentage of the 8 and 9-figure deals but my guess is that even the pros miss many of the sub-$10 million dollar deals that don't have investment bankers who thrive on trumpeting their deal volume. As an active M&A attorney, the only time I ever self-reported on one of the questionnaires I regularly receive was a bank merger where the information was already publicly available. That is one time in 35 years. The rest are between me and my clients.

    As noted above, even defining what is the website market is difficult. Not only do you have the size issues you discussed above but now you have the issue of apps. There are apps from websites like TripIt or Hotels.com but there are also other apps that do essentially the same thing but have no website in the usual sense. Is the sale of an Android app that functions like a mobile website would considered a sale of a website?
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    Quote Originally Posted by David S View Post
    A few had an investment banker or financial consultant but none had "website brokers" ...
    Amazing isn't it? I occasionally speak with Zane Tarence, MD of Founders Investment Banking (thanks for the intro a few years ago, ari. This forum has been awesome in that respect). Zane doesn't give me exact figures - you can get an idea of the type of M&A activity they engage in from the transactions page on their website - but in discussing his new project which he invited me to take part in, he shared some data with me. I can tell you there's a good chance they see more website value changing hands in the average year than what all website brokers together with Flippa have done in the entire history of their existence. That's just one investment banking firm.

    Brokers have their place and serve an important function at certain price points. Same with Flippa. But it's crazy how much of the noise is at the end of the spectrum where there's the least amount of money to be made.
    Find the right business brokers to maximise the value you extract from your business and improve the chances of selling your business.

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