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Thread: Flippa - Build a Business in 20 Minutes

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    Flippa - Build a Business in 20 Minutes

    The latest email from Flippa arrived and I was looking forward to seeing what delights it would contain. There's almost always something fantastic or at least amusing in these missives. I wasn't disappointed. This email refers to the Flippa blog post by Tina Courtney-Brown telling us how to "Build a Business in 20 Minutes".

    It sounded pretty impressive, at this rate you could be building three businesses per hour. It had to be worth a look!

    The premise of the post is that you shouldn't waste time reinventing things but get your start up launched within 20 minutes by using technology which is already there. If you require inspiration you can "take a queue [sic] from some very innovative folks and utilize existing technologies to bring your vision to the world".

    To illustrate this point, Tina uses Product Hunt as a case study. Product Hunt consists of a group who share links. Its founder, Ryan Hoover, set this up in 20 minutes using LinkyDink, a tool sharing service. Right, I've managed to follow this so far but how does it help me to set up a business in 20 minutes? I get the idea that using existing tools can save time. Sure, that's simple. But I can't make the jump from a) the assertion that using tools saves time to b) the amazing claim that this is how to "build a business in 20 minutes".

    Next up is some tools which you should have in your arsenal, especially if you don't have a large budget. And then this, "These may not be solely responsible for launching your new big idea, but they will help you get things off the ground without needing to raise a single penny". But how does this relate to what the article is supposed to be about? It's a short list of tools which are free or cheap. It doesn't in any way tell us how we can set up a business in 20 minutes. It looks like another example of a Flippa article which starts off on a nonsense premise and then the writer blows the whole thing out of the water by qualifying the statement soon after.

    The five suggested tools are fine (we use MailChimp in our own business) but to claim that these can help you to set up a business in 20 minutes is quite bizarre. Yep. It takes only a few minutes to sign up for a MailChimp account, and it's free to use until you grow your list. But what are you going to use this MailChimp list to do? You have to get people on your list - and it takes time to create and implement some means to entice people to sign up. Even if you send your sign-ups automated messages, the content for those messages still has to be planned, written, packaged etc. Having a MailChimp account does not make a business. I don't "get" this at all.

    Having outlined the five suggested tools, the article concludes with a plug for Deal Flow. So, the reader has had their time completely wasted on an irrelevant fluff piece about a few cheap tools which are totally unrelated to the point of the post. That is, to promote Deal Flow.

    "Donít forget that the fastest way to launch a new business could be a virtual stroll through Flippaís marketplace. If you have a desire to launch an ecommerce store, as an example, itís incredibly wise to see if thereís a store out there for sale that reflects your passion. By choosing this route, youíre live the moment you close the deal; or at least very close to it. All you need to do is fine tune and kick into marketing mode."

    So, having spent the earlier part of the blog post telling us how we can create a business in less than 20 minutes, now they're telling us it's even quicker by using Deal Flow. But if you're buying sites in the Deal Flow range ($10k+ ) surely you're not going to do your DD in less than 20 minutes? And what about all the time spent looking, negotiating, closing the deal?

    The post ends with, "Regardless of which route you choose, the lesson is clear; startups donít have to take years to launch anymore. Every idea has an expedited road to execution. If you have a shoestring budget and a penchant for impatience, let those factors work in your favor."

    And this is very confusing too, because if you have a shoestring budget and are using the suggested tools, you're still not going to be able to create new businesses within minutes. On the other hand, if you're looking at using Deal Flow to speed up the process, then you'll need more than a shoestring budget.

    Does anyone else understand what this blog post is supposed to be about? The intended message seems to be somewhat confused.
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    I think they are essentially saying "Look you don't need expensive tools to make a business, just outsource" isn't really going to happen in 20 minutes though let's be honest.

    Also the route they describe isn't exactly the most efficient, you can easily use sites like www.premadebusiness.com which essentially does the same thing.

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