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Thread: What do you think of this listing?

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    What do you think of this listing?

    So I have been looking over this site and am quite interested in it but wanted to run it buy you guys for thoughts.

    Here is the listing https://flippa.com/3034705-pr-2-esta...-making-194-mo

    As of right now, I am waiting to see if he will be providing access to google analytics.

    Pros:Think I can change the UI and adsense optimization to achieve better earnings. Not much time needed for the site, site owner already has a template setup to upload new car manuals. As of right now it is only selling for 10 x earnings.

    Cons: Could have potential legal issues, when ask he told me he did receive a letter and did take down the manuals and logos. (am waiting on more information about this) Also don't know much about the seller but so far has not seemed to try and hide anything.

    So what are your thoughts? I was going to ask about any legal issues I might run into even if he did not have any at this time. Do I need to worry about providing downloadable manuals, or having car logos on the site? (More so the manuals as I can easily take down the logos)

    If there are any red flags that you guys are seeing or if you guys have any questions you feel are super pertinent that I should ask, please let me know. I will also update this post when I gain more information or come across questions I might have.

    Thanks for the time.

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    There are a couple of other things I don't like about the site that you didn't specifically mention, after just taking a cursory glance.

    1. The site's name. "bunk" in particular, is a word with a negative connotation with it. It's not a name that I believe would build trust between publisher and reader.

    2. It's not a defensible site. It would be very easy to knock off this site, and as you're not the copyright holder with the content, there's nothing you could do about it.

    Of course the possibility of legal issues are something you should consider, that could be a deal-breaker for you depending on how vulnerable to such legal issues you are personally. Also, what value there is with the site is in the traffic. If you can get past all the other issues and want to make a serious bid on this site, where I would focus my attention is on the traffic. Ask yourself, where is this traffic coming from? Why does it get this traffic, and how likely is it that this traffic will continue? How can I increase the traffic? Has the previous owners done anything to artificially inflate the traffic, or are they using a "pump and dump" type of SEO strategy that's likely to catch up with you sooner or later?

    good luck with it.

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