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Thread: What's a Writer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chabrenas View Post
    I have known self-declared 'writers' and 'artists' who use the label as an excuse for lazy and selfish behaviour, leaning heavily on spouses and friends rather than coping themsleves with basic living. None of them has shown any sign of anything that I'd recognise as talent, either. I'll go with a definition that says the person has found an appreciateive audience, whether or not they can earn money at the game.
    I've known a few of those, and that's part of the fear of calling myself a writer. Editor is probably closer to where most of my income comes in, and I'm comfortable with that label - but it is very limiting. But the last thing I want to do is to call myself a writer - it still has that glamorous ring to it that attracts shiftless people who want an excuse. I wish we were in another age, when being a writer was not something that people oohed and aahed over, when it was even a bit disreputable. But people read.

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    it still has that glamorous ring to it that attracts shiftless people who want an excuse.
    I think all the arts do. Maybe artists are basically shiftless people at heart.

    when it was even a bit disreputable.
    Lots of people will tell you it's pretty disreputable now. But I agree, I wish more people read. Maybe it's because writing hasn't kept up with the times. I think it is starting to now with self-pub. But for ages, traditional publishing only published what was 'safe' and didn't really push the envelope. Books became stale, when people had fast moving visuals of TV and film. But writing could come back in a big way. With the advent of portable readers and cheap books, with fast moving stories, which use fast moving plots like films. The generation coming up now is showing an interest, which is good. They aren't, at least, moving away from books.

    There's reason to hope anyway.

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