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Thread: Marketing Mirth and Mayhem (Or Coming Full Circle)

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    Marketing Mirth and Mayhem (Or Coming Full Circle)

    So many marketing angles, so many strategies. Both on the Internet and Amazon. You can go blind reading them. I remember back when the Internet was exploding, and you had the same situation. So don't most of you, Iím sure. Amazon is looking the exact same way Google did in 2005. The more I study it, the more convinced I am most of it is bullshit. Sure, do the basics, do the things which are under your control. Like write the best book you can. Do market research. Niche it properly. Keyword it. Add on page SEO. Get a few reviews if you can. Then go write more books.

    Leave the rest up to the Amazon Gods.

    Back in the day, while everyone was clamoring about the newest and the greatest marketing technique to sell on the internet, the guys who were actually "doing it" (Not selling it, DOING it, guys I KNEW without a doubt were making money) all quietly said, "Thereís no secret. Just write great content. Write a lot of it. Do on page SEO, then forget about the rest of it. Keep it simple, and go write more great content."

    Konrath now is saying much the same thing. Thereís no secret. There's no magic marketing formula. Some people get lucky, most don't.

    He was talking about how he never looked at reviews anymore, didn't pay any attention to his sales rank, and no longer cared about his star ranking. Instead, he took all the time he wasted on it and put it into writing more books. He listened to his peers (in publishing) and his own customers. He didn't bother with any of the rest. He did the basics well, found his niche, wrote lots of books, put his books in as many places as possible, and wrote and read more books. In the end, it came down to luck and hard work. Of course, it is easy for him to say that now. But I remembering saying the same thing about the quiet internet guys back in the day, too.

    But that's a method that takes a lot of cajones. It takes total faith in what you're doing. Total commitment. Complete self-confidence. Only Monks and true artists go down that road. Thereís some lions, tigers and bears in THAT forest. I don't know if I have the brass ones necessary for that journey or not. The rest of us have to market and that makes us 'marketers.' Konrath started off as a marketer, but then just went 'totally native'. Took off all of his clothes and just jumped off the marketing cliff. You've got to admire his balls.

    But what if you could take marketing out of this whole equation, and throw it into the hands of the Gods, (Gasp) and all the attendant hassles and concerns? What if you could put marketing in its rightful place. Laugh at it (Mirth) and murder it (Mayhem). What a breath of fresh air that would be.

    I've survived long enough in this game now to see things come full circle. So have many of you. From the beginning of the Internet, to the .com bust, to see it rise again, to Google taking over, watching Google destroy it and turn it stagnant, and then watch another giant step up, and take its place.

    It occurs to me, that most of my success, in the end, was out of my control. I was lucky. I had good timing, which is (prepared) luck, really. (Hard work, in other words) I did stack the deck in my favor. I did do the basics right. I did do market research. I niched myself well. I wrote the best books I could. But in the end, the things that mattered most (steadily increasing traffic and a growing niche) was really, out of my control. I made sure I had the traffic, I made sure the niche was "evergreen." Both disappeared. Almost instantly with a snap of Google's fingers. I certainly couldn't reproduce what I did in the past, today. (At least by the same means) That also means I probably wonít be able to reproduce in the future, what I do today. Itís changing too fast. It's having complete upheavals and total revolutions every five to seven years.

    Think about it. AOL to Overture, Overture to Yahoo, Yahoo to Google, Google to Amazon. What's coming after Amazon?

    Remember blogging and what a big deal it was supposed to be?

    In social media it is happening too.

    But the constant theme is always, "write good content, write lots of good content..."

    The basics are staying the same: Choose your niche well, write good content, write lots of content, have passion for it, keep it simple SEO, build a list, build trust, build relationships, keep writing lots of content, and listen to your customers. Let the rest of it go. It's out of your control. Maybe you'll get lucky.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

    Once again, coming full circle, the guys who are "doing it" all say the same thing...
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