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Thread: This is Why You Do It

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    This is Why You Do It

    Either because of my default personality, or because I've always been a contrarian thinker, the niches I chose always seemed to be in the most controversial, contested, vitriolic, and down right mean and nasty, niches. I mean niches where everyone attacks you. Day after day, year after year. They question your methods, your pedigree, your experiences, and your education. They hold it up in public and ridicule it. People with Doctorates and PHD's. People you can't fight. You just have to smile and take it. If you respond they'll take your words, spin them out of context, and use it against you even more. I've even had lowlifes bring my wife and son into it and ridicule and bully them as well. You take years of abuse because of what you believe in. That is in ADDITION to all the marketing, and business bullshit of running a website and being an authority in certain niches. That's what internet success looks like in certain niches in this day and age.

    But about once a year, you get a an email like this.

    Your Name: - (Deleted for privacy)
    Your Email - (Deleted for privacy)
    Your Message: - Dear David, this is (Deleted for privacy). I have purchased your earlier books and was please to see you posted my comment on your sight. I ment every word I said and even more now as we see much difficulty coming. I agree with you that the next shortage will be food. If you remember I had built a 4 Acre Lake and a fish Hatchery on my 30 Acre farm near Dundee, Oregon. I Sold it because I wanted to be out of debt and extract my equity. I managed to sell it at a profit so I paid cash on a small 2 1/2 acre farm near Amity, Oregon. My new address is (deleted for privacy) I will be setting up an Aquaponics farm, The Lord willing! Aquaponics is combining a recirculating Aquaculture system (RAS) to grow fish and connect it to a Hydrophobic system to grow Vegetables, but instead of mixing chemicals we simply flow water from the fish tanks through the soiless vegetable Grow Beds and the back to the fish once the nitrates are removed by the plants. I will be buying your New book for $149.00 because their is nothing like it anywhere. I want to thank you again for all your vested time and effort into something most people would not have done because there was no immediate reward for and a lot of uncertainties as to whether it would ever work. You are certainly a visionary and your work will go down in the annals of history a one who took research from here and research from there and brought it to gather and showed us that it could be done. I am proud of you and your ingenuity. Keep up the great work! Larry P.S. please feel free use any part of this. This is truly my heart felt feeling towards you.

    Form Displayed on Page: making-biodiesel-books.com/contact-us/
    Sender IP: (Deleted for privacy)

    In the end, THAT is the real profit you make as a nonfiction writer. This is why you do it.

    It's not about the money or the title. It never was.

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