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Thread: Konrath Goes Under

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    Konrath Goes Under

    It seems Joe Konrath is going to quit blogging. He was offered 1 million to quit bashing traditional publishers and he took it. His blog goes offline in 24 hours.

    You hear that, NY Publishing? You truly want to slow the growth of ebooks?
    Shut me up.
    I'm willing to be bought off. Pass around a collection envelope, like you do for employee birthdays. For a million bucks, I promise I'll never blog about ebooks, or help another writer, ever again.
    Since that post I've written several hundred more, encouraging authors to self-publish while explaining, in excruciating detail, why legacy publishing wasn't a wise choice.

    they've finally decided to pay me off.

    You read that right. Several large publishers have acknowledged the irreparable harm this blog has caused them, and they've given me one million dollars to stop blogging.

    Since I'm a man of my word, I have no choice but to comply.

    I shall blog no more forever.Part of the deal includes me deleting all of my previous blog posts, so if you have any favorites, you have 24 hours save them via cut and paste. Then I'm erasing everything.

    Thanks for reading, and goodbye.
    I don't know if it is a joke or not. April fools?

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    LOL! It's gotta be an April Fool.

    Good for his traffic, though. Mass panic among writers. Everyone rushes to his blog to make sure they've gleaned all they can from it as it may not be there tomorrow.

    I haven't read the post yet, only glanced at it, but I expect there will be clues within the text that it's a joke.
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    The joy of Internet delivery - the cartoon illustrating this will make you laugh!

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    There's a clue - MechaDogs.com for dogs that lost their tails in skiing accidents - free to register.

    I must set up a charity for broken clockwork oranges ...

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