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Thread: You know, you're missing out on all the BEST publishing discussion...

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    You know, you're missing out on all the BEST publishing discussion...

    They say the best things in life are free. They lied.

    Here you are on the public Publishing forum. Good, isn't it? But there's something even better right under your nose. Right here on the Experienced People Forum.

    Our Premium Lounge is full of discussion of making money online from the written word. So much so, in fact, that we've had to create a dedicated Writers' and Publishers' Group in the Premium Lounge, just to deal with the amount of interest in the subject.

    So what's the difference?

    Well, in the Premium Lounge your posts aren't in public view for all the world to see, so our Premium Members are able to be a little more open about what they're working on right now. We can discuss aspects of the craft of writing, ask for advice on book launch strategies, float ideas for writing for little-tapped but potentially receptive markets, talk about the latest developments in promoting eBooks on Kindle, suggest projects for collaboration, invite reviews and constructive criticism of books we've published or are about to publish - and much more!

    In fact, we can discuss just about anything we want to share with other experienced writers and publishers without parading it in front of the general public - or the search engines' bots and spiders. As you can imagine, that makes for much more interesting, frank and worthwhile discussion.

    You don't have to sit there wondering what goes on behind the green door. Premium Membership is only US $99 for a year's subscription and brings several other benefits. You'll be able to use the Marketplace to advertise your goods (like eBooks) and services (like writing and proofreading) to the general public. You'll receive enhanced Private Messaging privileges and extra signature space. And you'll get a free copy of our highly regarded Experienced People Forum Guide to Website Due Diligence too.

    Come in out of the cold and sign up for EP Premium Membership today!
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