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Thread: Buying Kindle Books (quickie market research)

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    Like David, I use an app to read Kindle-format books. About half of the books in my Kindle library were free when I downloaded them, mostly because they are reserach material for my own output.

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    I meant do people go to Amazon and buy books in the Kindle format.
    Yes. 95% of the time for me.

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    So far on this thread everyone who says they read Kindle books has published Kindle books themselves. Clinton is the only one who has replied so far who isn't a Kindle writer/publisher. And he says he doesn't read Kindle books. It's kinda obvious that all those of us who write the things are going to read some of these books too. I'd like to hear from people who don't publish books on Kindle as well as from those of us who are writers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay View Post
    Would anyone reading this thread please tell us if you read Kindle books or not?
    I do, and have done since before I got a Kindle (I used the Kindle for PC app on my netbook). I've also read eBooks from Gutenberg on my phone, which was a rather alloyed pleasure. The screen isn't very big anyway (360x640), but half of it was taken up with the control panel for the eBook reader app. I had to move to the next page every hundred words or so.

    As far as choice of format for reading books in digital format is concerned, I'm pretty much neutral. PDF is better if I'm on my desktop (and certainly if fixed formats or images are involved), but I find it a nuisance to have to scroll on the netbook, and my Kindle doesn't do a great job of rendering PDFs in my experience.

    I've bought one eBook in PDF that I can remember, but obviously I've read many more book-length PDF documents.

    To some extent at least I agree with David: it's a generational thing. Obviously you get some outliers - 80-year-olds who are virtually wired into the Web, 10-year-old technophobes - but I'm sure that on average tablets and similar devices have a higher takeup rate among younger generations.

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    Would you prefer to buy a PDF eBook rather than a Kindle eBook? Would it not matter to you? Please give reasons for your answers.
    No. Given that I own an ebook reader, there is absolutely no benefit in reading a PDF on it. PDFs are not eBooks. eBook readers are not designed to read PDFs (I know they might be physically capable of reading PDFs, but because PDFs don't support "flowing" text, reading PDFs on an eBook reader is not a good experience). In fact, reading PDFs on a full-size computer screen is not always a good experience either. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that PDFs are good for is to represent pages that are intended to be printed on paper.

    I think you should broaden the question slightly. Rather than compare a PDF with a Kindle eBook, you should be comparing it with eBooks in general. The benefits of eBooks vs. PDFs vs. paper books apply to eBook devices and format in general, not just Kindles.


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