In the course of working on something else, I was revisiting "How to Invest in Online Real Estate" by Chris Guthrie. This is a very popular book in the "how to buy websites" niche. I reviewed the book in October last year, and frankly I wasn't very impressed. For starters, the book is a sales tool for SiteFinderPro. Apparently this tool ($27) enables you to unearth hundreds of gold nuggets and opportunities just waiting for you to pick up on Flippa.

You can see why I'm not keen on the book - he makes out that making money by flipping websites is easy if you use SiteFinderPro. Well, there's a lot more to buying websites than just Flippa. Plus, even if this tool did work when it was launched, I'm very doubtful that it would work now.

Does anyone have any experience of using this tool and what's your take on the claim that you can unearth hundreds of gold-nugget sites with high traffic and income by using it? It seems highly unlikely to me. Yet, I've seen plenty of people talking about this book as though it's the dog's wotsits when it comes to buying websites. They must be queueing up to buy SiteFinderPro.

I'm mildly surprised to find that Chris is quite a "name" in the site flipping niche as, although he's had some success with flipping in the past, I thought he made his money with Amazon rather than flipping.

Chris is a member here so maybe he'll come and explain a bit more to us about SiteFinderPro. Meanwhile, if you have any knowledge to impart on the tool or the flipping opportunities he claims exist, please let's hear them.